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Software Application

In the global information age of the 21st century,do you want/need/require to a powerful platform for international communication?
For instance:

■ When  you saw some important information from anywhere (e.g., library, billboard, photographed text), you need to convert the original paper-based or electronic information into editable/searchable texts, don’t need to any scanners
■ When you are faced with an increasing number of business cards processing everyday: the growing complexity of a batch of business cards input automatically (into your mobile devices or computers, etc.); and the need to speed up processing to your convenience
■ When you saw multi-foreign languages (such as English, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, etc.) from anywhere, the need to recognize and translate directly into your mother tongue
■ You may talk with a foreigner face to face under the support of your mobile phone instead of a human translator. The online handwriting recognition system with specific translation technology – inside your mobile phone makes up your personal direct international communication platform.

Best Solutions and related Products:
You can capture/recognize freely information from anywhere by taking advantage of digital camera, mobile devices, etc., and then convert automatically original paper-based, photographed text documents into multi-formats you need to edit/search/archive by the following products:

√WINTONE Smart Vision


■ Covert the visual textual images that captured by camera and mobile phone that have the function of digital photographing into editable text
■ Collect text information from images of books, newspapers, signs, display boards, business cards and website and so on, whatever it is
■ Recognize the visual documents images with poor quality, including the distorted, shadowed, blurred characters and wrap-around texts
■ Support simplified and traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, figures and, symbols
■ Mutual translation between Chinese and English with audio presentation.
■ Mass business cards recognition and information extraction. Help business people and managers to deal with piles of cards rapidly, conveniently and efficiently

WINTONE has been at the leading edge of OCR recognition technologies in Asia, such as Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Numbers, Punctuations and common-used informal characters. Also, there are a set of successfully collaborative projects with world-class corporations like Microsoft, HP, EPSON, CANON, MOTOROLA, LENOVO, UNISCAN INTEL, NOKIA and so on. Otherwise, Wintone’s award-winning OCR/ICR tech has been widely used in different sectors towards globalization; for satisfying global customer’s requirements, Wintone can undoubtedly provide best customizable solutions to cater for international development.