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OCR Server SDK

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OCR Server SDK enables the user to install the OCR SDK on cloud and physical server.



Server OCR SDK is an application based on private cloud and server. End users can be accessible to

the service anytime, anywhere through either PC or mobile terminals and thestandard XML

recognition results are returned.

Since the documents are processed within the enterprise internally, the data security is  well preserved.



Key Features:

Cost effective-Easy to be deployed and maintained

Convenient-Enable users to enjoy OCR service anytime, anywhere

Universal-Be accessible from any browser and any terminals

Multipurpose-Can identify various kinds of ID documents, including passports, ID cards, driving licenses and etc.



Our Advantages:


Available for Desktop, Mobile or server

Our OCR service is accessible through Web API,

and it does not depends on the unique platform,

allowing the end users to develop the application

in any operating systems, IOS, Android,

windows, linux, window mobile, MAC and etc. 






  Provide Samples

  You can use any development language

 supportingcommunication over the network

  to program with the Cloud OCR SDK,

 samples in C#, JAVA, Python, H5 and PHP







Support Various of Douments

Our cloud OCR service can support passport and

any other travel documents compliant with ICAO 9303

such as ID card (36X2, 30x3), driving license,visas

and is scalable to customize some local non-ICAO documents.  








            High OCR Accuracy 

           OCR Server SDK is based on the

           world leading OCR technology, and

           the accuracy of document reading can







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