Duty-free shop passport OCR MRZ scanner for guest experience

 Duty-free shop passport OCR MRZ scanner for guest experience

Nowadays, overseas travelling comes with shopping, especially for girls. When we left a specific country, at the airport, there are so many duty free shops with world-renowned cosmetics brands. When we decided to buy something, duty free shops in some international airports will ask us to show the passport. The reason why we need to show the passports at the international airports is to reduce the risk of identity theft.

In order to improve the working efficency and upgrade the guest experience, passport reader( SDK included) came into the market to meet such demands in airport duty-free shops.

Feature of ID passport scanner:

  • Read ICAO Doc 9303 compliant & non-ICAO Travel Document;
  • Obtain digital data from contactless chips ( RFID reading);
  • Equipped with 5.0 Megapixel camera; 500 DPI image;
  • Capturing images in visible, infrared and ultraviolet illumination;
  • Provide customized OCR service for local documents. 

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