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Product driver / development package

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CR820+ Passport Reader
Windows Linux
TH-PR630 Passport Reader
Windows Linux
QR5000 Passport Reader
Windows Linux
PSPR4200(I) Passport Reader
Windows Linux
PSPR1000(I) Passport Reader
Windows Linux
EPR6000 passport reader
Windows Linux
TH-PR180 Passport Reader
Windows Linux
TH-PR210 Passport Reader
Windows Linux
TH-PR520 Passport Reader
Windows Linux
AVA6 Plus2 ID Docs Scanner
Windows Linux
B660+ Certificates Scanner
Windows Linux

Product brochures / specifications

The document contains product specifications and product color pages of various models

App / applet

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Answer questions during use

Q : After TH-OCR is installed, TWAIN.DLL error occurs during scanning
A : Restart the computer after installing the scan driver
Q : After TH-OCR is installed, the scanner will end with an "interrupt" error
A : Delete the low version TH-OCR software, and open an image file in the TH-OCR software before scanning.
Q : When scanning in OCR, the message "Only binary images can be scanned" or the message "This program has performed illegal operations" appears
A : This version of OCR does not support the use of "color" and "gray scale" scanning modes, and can only use the "black and white binary" mode for scanning. The following black and white binary modes can be selected: "Black and white drawing", "Line Art", "Text scanning", etc.
Q : How to set up a blacklist in the system when the enterprise does not allow reimbursement of tobacco and alcohol?
A : You can add the name of goods through "Bill Manager System Settings" - "Invoice Review" - "Goods Blacklist Detection". The system will automatically review whether the invoice is compliant according to your settings.
Q : What are the security points of certificates?
A : UV fluorescence pattern, fluorescent fiber and UV dullness of UV light; Infrared optical mechanical code reading area B900, personal photo characteristics; Chip data check DG1 expiration date check; Cross validation of OCR data and electronic chip content, such as birth date, certificate number, name, issuing country and other fields; Image data check static ink white light absorption, infrared transparency; Chip data verification, active authentication and passive authentication; And cross validation of OCR data and electronic chip content, cross validation of image data and electronic chip content, etc
Q : What documents can passport readers recognize?
A : It supports reading electronic passports, paper passports, etc. of more than 200 countries in accordance with ICAO DOC 9303 standards and various certificates in accordance with ICAO standards. 85+
Q : With the passport reader, can you refuse to recognize if it is not a certificate?
A : The function of refusal to recognize can be enabled. If the identified result differs greatly from the expected result of the certificate, the result will not be output, and will be rejected in case of dirt, missing corner, not placed well, or non certificate.
Q : Does the passport reader support barcode recognition and mobile QR code recognition?
A : Support