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Security Solutions

When it comes to security applications in modern times, more and more organizations pay attention to its potential value by the following reasons:

■ When there are plenty of customers to need to check in Hotel during the busy traveling seasons; open a new account in bank and so on; you need to be faced with an increasing number of manual data entry, including their passport, visa and other documents registered, so as to ensure their information security and accuracy
■ Within the traffic management department, you are also faced with a great number of number plate processing

Optimal solutions and related products
For improving tracking citizens’ movements, eliminating media reports of misidentification and high error rates, ensuring security and accuracy, Wintone provided authentication solutions to have become much more accurate and reliable by more investment in researching and developing of the following products:


  • ■ High-efficiently and automatically data extraction, and reducing time consumption and human errors;
  • ■ The recognized information can be rapidly verified, and obtain efficient, fast, secure and accurate information, greatly enhance working efficiency
  • ■ To be easy to monitor and control for traffic management department by specially designing for TH-ANPR system

In the terms of security applications, Wintone has researched and developed superior authentication solutions to cater for different sector requirements, and it always recommended optimal products on the markets, and has been successfully used in: Five-star Hotels(e.g., Jiangshanyiyuan Hotel, Beijing Hotel, etc.); Banks (Bank of Communications, Agricultural Bank of China, China CITIC Bank, etc.,); hospital and other organizations/ institutions; Various Charge-collecting System of: Highway, Bridges, Road tunnels, etc.; Car Park Management System; Automatic vehicle monitoring system and so on.