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Data Entry Solutions

With an increasing popularity of computers in the organization, ‘multi-tasking’ – each person needs to achieve – is becoming increasingly common. But if you process batches of forms: questionnaires, purchase orders, coupons, invoices, ballot papers, examination results, agreements, cheques, etc., which all means adding time consumption and inefficiency to our days, and enable us to delay in doing other works.

Optimal customizable solutions and related products
However, our solutions can help you to quickly capture usable data and automatically convert it into various formats, and then export it to business applications. By selecting the following related products:

√WINTONE FormProcessor
√WINTONE InvoiceProcessor

You can gain more benefits:

  • ■  To quickly process batches of structured documents, and automated data extraction to your system
  • ■  To deliver a substantial cost savings, and reduce inputting Time, so as to maximize your productivity
  • ■  To quickly process batches of structured documents, and automated data extraction to your system
  • ■  To eliminate the errors cased by manual entry, and to a minimum
  • ■  To provide optimal solution to catering for global requirements, and enable our technologies to be localized for local customers’ needs
  • ■  Provided more investments in researching and developing of structured documents recognition technology to solve diverse structured paper processing from different countries.

WINTONE always went in for researching and developing of intelligent pattern recognition technology based on powerful OCR recognition core. However, for satisfying global clients’ requirements, it specially designed for structured documents recognition technology as another high-performance IT solution. Wintone is one of the precursors of reading Asian languages, including Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Arabic in typed and handwritten texts. Otherwise, it also contributes more Corporate Society Responsibility on the basis of researching and developing of reading complex minority languages, because China consists of 56 minorities. It is thus clear that WINTONE has good reputation and high reliability in further recognition technology development.