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Use a passport reader to optimize the check-in process during travel

The passport reader is applied to the security check gate and semi self-service all-in-one machine of high-speed railway station, enabling each high-speed railway station to realize the identification of documents, the intelligent extraction and comparison of document information and portrait information.

Passport reader to improve the efficiency of real name system

In recent years, paper tickets have been transformed into electronic tickets at a rapid pace.

Passport readers are used in major airports

Wintone Science & technology multi-functional passport reader has passed the "TravelSky third-party equipment security network access test", no need for software integration, and can be directly used in the national airport business system.

Wintone Science & technology business license identification, improve the efficiency of enterprise qualification review

OCR technology continues to develop, integrates with traditional industries, and occupies an important position in the work of various industries.

Wintone Science & technology OCR identification service empowers enterprises to promote digital transformation of dealer system

The information is entered into the management system, the transaction is completed, and the dealer's transaction and service efficiency are effectively improved.

Wintone bank receipt identification is applied to corporate financial accounting

Wintone Bank Receipt Recognition is an OCR recognition product independently developed by Wintone Science & technology based on the industry-leading OCR recognition technology.

Wintone invoice recognition and document recognition empower enterprises to digitally upgrade financial intelligence!

The core of bill recognition helps the construction of financial sharing

OCR identification technology is applied to ETC processing and financial reimbursement

Products such as invoice recognition, driving license recognition, ID card recognition, and driver's license recognition can be applied to various scenarios such as ETC account opening and financial reimbursement.

OCR Document Recognition Service Helps Registration of Nucleic Acid Testing Information

OCR recognition technology helps nucleic acid sampling registration

Passport reader helps hotel smart transformation

Passport reader is applied to hotel self-service check-in all-in-one machine