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License plate recognition manages waste dump trucks at construction sites

2022-10-09 14:05:54

With the rapid development of the city, the number of projects is innumerable, and the transportation materials are seriously scattered, resulting in road environmental pollution and dust... Leading to frequent traffic accidents. The waste dump truck transporting materials has become an important link in urban environmental governance. At present, the management of waste dump truck is mainly conducted through manual inspection, such as visiting the construction site within the jurisdiction by the relevant regulatory authorities, daily patrol, card inspection, centralized night inspection, etc. this method consumes a lot of people, materials and financial resources, and has certain limitations. The inspection results are also time-consuming, It brings great challenges to urban management.


1. The intelligent management platform for slag trucks came into being, among which the Wintone Science & technology license plate recognition camera played a great role. The new intelligent environmental protection residue truck has high air-tightness, and it is prohibited to throw along the road. The vehicle is equipped with Beidou Positioning Equipment, load state detection equipment, lifting state detection equipment, and whether the carriage is closed. It can obtain whether the vehicle is loaded, whether it is lifted, and whether it is closed in real time; In addition, it can issue instructions to remotely lock, speed limit and lift limit the vehicles with serious violations, so as to control the vehicles with violations.


Wintone Science & technology license plate recognition camera helps the intelligent management of residue trucks, and is compatible with many functions such as on-site identification of license plate numbers, identification and analysis of vehicle conditions, uploading to the supervision platform, which greatly improves the supervision efficiency and quality, saves labor costs and forms a long-term effective linkage mechanism to realize the control and standardization of residue truck transportation.


Operation process:


"Black car" intelligent recognition: install license plate recognition camera at the exit of the construction site, automatically recognize the license plate number and take photos. The server automatically checks the database, automatically judges the black car and the fake car, and reports to the command center.


2. Clean vehicle exit monitoring and road gate linkage, wash and identify the vehicles leaving the construction site, and actively obtain the video evidence of detour, non washing and unclean washing. The video evidence includes the whole process from entering the washing tank to leaving the exit gate, which can be linked with the road gate to realize the control of non washed vehicles.

3. The Wintone license plate recognition camera uses megapixels of high-definition pixels, which can automatically and accurately identify vehicle information such as license plate number, license plate color, and reliability in real time. It is still stable and reliable in harsh outdoor environments. In-depth discovery of neglected or difficult-to-manage details, specially optimized recognition algorithms for construction sites, greatly improving the ability to recognize dirty license plates, 24-hour intelligent processing of light, deformation, yin and yang license plates, occlusion, rain and snow weather can also be accurately recognized, holographic Restore color clarity and saturation for clearer image recognition.

Wintone license plate recognition cameras have been widely used in various industries such as weighing management, logistics parks, and hazardous chemicals transportation vehicle management and control, actively promoting the development of intelligent management in various industries, and improving work efficiency, service quality and management and control capabilities.