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Complete vehicle logistics solutions

2022-10-09 14:11:26

Current situation analysis:

The whole vehicle logistics is the most important link in the automobile logistics chain, and its development affects the development of the whole automobile logistics. Automobile complete vehicle logistics is an agile automobile supply chain environment based on time competition. It takes the complete vehicle as the object of logistics service, and carries out rapid response and on-time delivery according to the requirements of customer orders for delivery date, delivery place, quality assurance, etc. Vehicle logistics has changed from simple commodity vehicle transportation to a new type of logistics with transportation as the main body and warehousing, distribution and terminal value-added services as the auxiliary. The transportation destination of commodity vehicle logistics is generally: Automobile Manufacturing Factory → automobile logistics company → automobile 4S store.


Automotive logistics companies play a dominant role in this process. Since the commercial vehicle is a new car without a license plate, the car VIN code plays a pivotal role as a unique identification of the vehicle. Apply Wintone VIN code recognition technology, identify the frame number in a few seconds, and parse the frame number information such as: vehicle origin, brand, car series, model, year, displacement, number of seats, guide price, model code, fuel type , transmission type, engine model, engine power, etc. All aspects of the entire transportation and handover process will use the car's VIN code as a clue to connect.

In the whole process of vehicle transportation, by entering the vehicle VIN code to confirm the vehicle-related information, you can know the transportation status of each vehicle in the vehicle logistics app in real time. For safe transportation and accurate handover of vehicles, VIN code identification is very important in the vehicle logistics industry.

Scheme features:

Before the whole vehicle is transported, the automobile logistics company insures the goods to be transported on the vehicle to reduce the accidental loss during the transportation. At this time, it is necessary to enter the VIN code to determine the commodity information;

When the commercial vehicle is shipped to the logistics vehicle, the vehicle information needs to be checked with the documents one by one. At this time, the VIN code needs to be entered for counting;

Large automobile logistics companies will have a transit base for automobile storage. When the whole vehicle is transported to the transit base for unloading, it needs to enter the VIN code for inventory taking. When it is loaded again and sent to the 4S store, it also needs to enter the VIN code for inventory taking;

After the commercial vehicle arrives at the destination safely, the automobile logistics company needs to enter the VIN code to verify the document again when it delivers the vehicle to the 4S store.