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License plate recognition camera applied to smart logistics park platform

2022-10-09 14:14:36

Situation Analysis:


All walks of life have higher and higher requirements for logistics efficiency and service quality, and traditional labor can no longer meet the growing demand. As a connection place of various modes of transportation, the logistics park assumes an indispensable pivotal role in the entire logistics process. The platform is an important location for the loading and unloading operations of logistics enterprises in the park. The utilization efficiency of the platform is affected by factors such as platform attributes, vehicle arrival time, loading and unloading efficiency, etc., and also directly affects the sorting efficiency of goods, vehicle departure and delivery time. When the platform is busy, problems such as queuing, congestion and confusion of vehicles are prone to occur inside and outside the park. The low effective utilization rate of the platform and the difficulty in digitizing the operation efficiency often cause headaches for park managers and warehouse managers.



In order to maximize the utilization of warehouse platform resources, Wintone license plate recognition cameras are used to efficiently manage vehicles entering and leaving the park and parking and leaving the platform, which greatly improves the utilization rate of platform and shortens the waiting time of vehicles. The collaborative efficiency of warehousing and transportation has been improved, from the efficient management of gate gates,to the orderly entry and exit of vehicles inside and outside the park, and the maximized utilization of platform resources, fully coordinating the operation connection and data interconnection among different roles of the park, vehicles and warehouses. It aims to better meet the development needs of customers, improve the level of park management, ex-pan value services, create a networked smart park, and promote the digital transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry.

Program features:

Through the smart gates in the park, the reserved vehicles can be quickly identified and released into the park, reducing the offline certificate review and waiting time;

Through the standard LED screen or WeChat terminal prompts, it can display the information of vehicles queuing for a call or the location information of the parking platform, reducing the time of invalid moving vehicles;

Through the platform layout camera + intelligent algorithm, the license plate can be accurately recognized and uploaded to the dispatch management module to realize the visualization of platform occupancy.

Visually manage the data of vehicles entering and leaving the park, parking and leaving the platform, in the park, and effective operation time, thereby improving the utilization rate of the platform and reducing the management cost.