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Passport reader enhances real-name system efficiency

2022-10-09 14:30:58

Solutions for improving inbound efficiency

In recent years, paper tickets have been transformed into electronic tickets at a rapid pace. The implementation and promotion of electronic tickets is not only to optimize the entry process, but also to improve the efficiency of entry and bring passengers a more effective travel experience. And we all know that China is the world's largest consumer market. So many multinational companies have derived their tentacles to China. This is even more true in the travel industry. The world's most famous Disney theme park has also settled in Shanghai, filling the void of Disney in the Mainland, as well as Universal Studios Hollywood in Beijing, and China is famous for its services in the world. Foreign tourists come When traveling to China, the most appreciated thing is the Chinese service.

Due to the numerous ticket collection processes, on the one hand, it is easy to cause long queues, especially when there is too much traffic on the small holiday; on the other hand, it is too unfriendly to the elderly who are not familiar with intelligent operations; on the other hand, Manual verification of people, certificates and tickets can easily cause visual fatigue of staff and affect work efficiency. Before the implementation of e-tickets, passengers needed to pick up tickets from self-service ticket machines before entering the station, and then hand them over to manually check whether the person, certificate and ticket are consistent. Moreover, as more and more foreigners travel to China, travel has become a major difficulty for foreigners. Since most stations in China cannot effectively identify passports, foreigners who travel to China are buying tickets and entering the country. Standing was a big problem.

In terms of technical supply, the Wintone passport reader provides strong technical support for the railway transportation industry's real-name authentication entry through document identification and information extraction.

From the point of view of entry efficiency, Wintone passport reader has a strong identification core, which is based on advanced and cutting-edge AI text recognition technology, image processing technology, radio frequency card reading technology, etc., and can quickly and accurately identify passports, ID cards, etc. , Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Pass, Taiwan Pass and more than 80 kinds of documents.

Through the integrated application, the recognition results of the Wintone Science & technology passport reader can be matched with the on-site portraits collected by the face recognition system to complete the comparison of the witnesses, and realize the effect of identification and customs clearance when the documents are put in. Freed from tedious work. From the perspective of recognition accuracy, the Wintone passport reader has a built-in 5-megapixel high-definition camera with a physical resolution of up to 500DPI, which can take 24-bit clear color photos of the full-page information page of the document.

On the one hand, it provides high-definition document images for document identification to ensure recognition accuracy; on the other hand, it provides high-definition document images for archiving and recording in the railway transportation industry.

cIn document recognition, Wintone passport reader has optimized the image processing function. In addition to supporting basic self-correction of image position and self-cropping of image area, Wintone passport reader also has anti-glare function.

On the one hand, it can ensure that the color of the document is not distorted. On the other hand, the anti-glare function will help to avoid the interference caused by the anti-counterfeiting film and reflection, and improve the overall recognition rate of the document. From the point of view of the difficulty of operation, the Wintone passport reader has the function of automatic induction triggering and reading the documents, and the documents are automatically recognized when they are inserted. The integrated application of the Wintone passport reader promotes the real-name system to check in and enter the station. It is suitable for all ages, and the operation is simple, so that people are no longer constrained by the cumbersome operation steps.