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OCR technology is used for ETC processing and financial reimbursement

2022-10-09 16:45:15

Products such as invoice recognition, driving license recognition, ID card recognition, and driver's license recognition can be applied to various scenarios such as ETC account opening and financial reimbursement.

Bejing Wintone Science & technology Co. Ltd. independently developed and established a deep learning platform. Relying on core OCR recognition, image recognition, face recognition and other technologies, it provides intelligent hardware such as multi-certificate identity information collection equipment, certificate recognition, bill recognition, etc. OCR identification authorization software and algorithm products have many advantages such as fast identification speed, high identification accuracy, full field identification, etc., and have been widely used in government agencies, financial insurance, banking securities, hotel tourism, smart transportation, telecom operators, etc. multiple industry sectors.


ETC business


Wintone ID card recognition, driver's license recognition, driving license recognition and other products are comprehensively applied in ETC processing business. Staff do not need to manually enter lengthy information when handling ETC business. OCR recognition can quickly and accurately extract ID card, driver's license and driving license information, which is convenient and fast. ETC account opening processing efficiency has been greatly improved.

Financial Reimbursement System


The financial reimbursement system integrates the application of Wintone Science & technology invoice recognition and form recognition, which can recognize more than 20 kinds of invoices such as special VAT invoices, general invoices, electronic tickets, fixed-value tickets, taxi tickets, etc. Invoice authenticity, quickly enter invoice and form information into the system, realize the full process of bill upload-recognition-authentication-entry-storage automation, reduce the burden on staff, effectively avoid financial and tax risks, and reduce costs and increase efficiency for enterprises.

Wintone Science & technology has won a good reputation and wide recognition for its industry-leading OCR recognition technology, helping Shoufa Group and many companies to improve service quality. Wintone Science & technology will continue to devote itself to technological research and application development in the field of artificial intelligence. Focusing on user needs, it solves pain points and problems for users and realizes iterative upgrade of scene experience.