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Wintone's bank receipt identification in corporate finance

2022-10-09 16:55:37

Wintone Bank Receipt Recognition is an OCR recognition product independently developed by Wintone Science & technology based on the industry-leading OCR recognition technology. It can automatically identify bank receipts across the country, and provides a standard HTTP interface, which can be used with ERP, accounting software, etc. The system is quickly integrated, and the receipt information is quickly entered into the system, saving time and labor costs.


A bank receipt is a valid document indicating that an individual or an entity handles business in a bank. There are four types of bank receipts: ATM receipts, counter business receipts, corporate reconciliation receipts, and bank electronic receipts.


For enterprises, the bank receipt is an important document used as an attachment for accounting processing. It can be included in the company's account book as an original document for financial reconciliation or audit inquiry. The accounting process involves the entry of a large amount of bank receipt information, and manual entry of the payer name, payee name, payer account number, payee account number, upper and lower case amount and other long and complicated information is time-consuming and labor-intensive and prone to errors. . In response to this situation, the application of Wintone Science & technology bank receipt recognition can quickly and accurately identify the text information on the bank receipt.


Highlight features:


Full field recognition


Supports the identification of 8 key fields of bank receipts (payer name, payer account number, payer account bank, payee name, payee account number, payee account bank, uppercase amount, lowercase amount).

Identify all kinds


It can automatically detect and identify the electronic and paper receipts of major domestic banks, without manual intervention and without distinguishing templates.  


Automatically enter information


It can be quickly integrated with ERP, accounting software and other systems, and the bank receipt information can be quickly and automatically entered into the system through OCR recognition technology.


Return structured data


The enterprise intranet deployment ensures data security and returns structured identification results, which can meet the needs of users to extract information from different styles of bank receipts.

Image multi-angle rotation crop


Support multi-angle (support 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°) cutting of bank receipts.


Second-level recognition


The recognition speed is fast, and the recognition speed of a single sheet is within 1 second.


Provides a variety of deployment methods


Supports Windows and Linux deployment, WebService deployment, and provides standard HTTP interfaces.  


In addition to the identification of bank receipts, Wintone Science & technology has also independently developed a variety of bill identification products such as customs declaration identification, full invoice identification, bank flow identification, check identification, etc., which have been applied to different actual business scenarios such as banks and enterprises. Improve service quality and bring efficient, convenient and intelligent new experiences to various industries.