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Wintone OCR empowers enterprise dealer system digitization

2022-10-09 17:03:13

Improve service efficiency

Enterprises comprehensively apply Wintone Science & technology license plate recognition, VIN code recognition, ID card recognition, driving license recognition, driving license recognition and other products, and use OCR recognition services to quickly collect customer identity information during the operation and transaction process of each dealer. The information is entered into the management system, the transaction is completed, and the dealer's transaction and service efficiency are effectively improved.

In addition, in services such as auto finance loans, OCR recognition automatically enters key information such as vehicle-related information, vehicle owner information, and vehicle owner identity information. The recognition speed is less than 1S, and the recognition accuracy rate is high, which can ensure that the vehicle is risk-free, the lender and the owner of the vehicle. Information is consistent, risks are reduced, business processing speed is improved, and service quality is improved.

Intelligent sales management

Due to the large number of dealers and the scattered distribution, the management is difficult, and there are still hidden dangers that some dealers deliberately forge false orders and disrupt the sales order.

Enterprises use the Wintone Science & technology invoice recognition core to quickly integrate with the dealer incentive system, and quickly enter invoice information into the system through OCR recognition technology. The recognition speed is less than 1 second, and the work efficiency is greatly improved. At the same time, managers can view through the system. The sales situation of each dealer is analyzed and managed in a targeted manner according to the sales situation; the core of invoice identification is connected to the authoritative invoice inspection platform to check the authenticity of national unified invoices, to prevent the occurrence of fake orders by various dealers, and to achieve online Contacts are closely linked to offline retail networks.

Improve store service quality

In order to build a smart store, the enterprise applies Wintone Science & Technology VIN code identification to quickly analyze and obtain VIN code vehicle series, models and other vehicle information, and automatically match with the vehicles in the store system, so as to facilitate the store specialists to timely obtain vehicle repair and maintenance information, accurately match services and improve customer satisfaction.