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Wintone's BLI improves enterprise qualification review efficiency

2022-10-09 17:15:55

Wintone Science & technology business license identification, improve the efficiency of enterprise qualification review


Wintone Science & technology relies on its own powerful OCR technology to develop business license recognition, subverting the traditional manual information entry mode, extracting business license information "instantly", improving information entry efficiency and optimizing business processes.


Today, OCR technology continues to develop, integrates with traditional industries, and occupies an important position in the work of various industries. From the collection of passport information for border inspection and customs clearance, the collection of certificate information for real-name authentication, the collection of real estate certificate information for mortgage loans, and the collection of business license information for bank account opening business, OCR technology is inseparable.


  • Wintone Science & technology business license identification product is an OCR identification service based on a server platform. It provides a variety of interface calling methods including WebService, HTTP, etc. for the development and integration of third-party business systems. Enterprises can deploy the identification service on their own servers. On the Internet, data security is guaranteed, and it supports file import in formats such as JPG\BMP\TIF\PNG. Users upload business license images through the front end. After the recognition is completed on the server side, the system immediately returns standard XML and JSON recognition results for back-end analysis.


  • The business license identification product takes the type of business license as the entry point, breaking through the bottleneck of multiple types of business licenses and inconsistent styles, and can identify three-in-one business licenses, five-in-one business licenses, horizontal and vertical business licenses, as well as industrial and commercial licenses. Business licenses in multiple formats are defined, and the algorithm can be continuously optimized to complete the update of business license identification types in only two weeks.


  • While handling the business, the staff may receive different types of documents such as the original, photocopy, and screen shot of the business license, and the business license recognition can be automatically identified and distinguished.

In addition, the powerful processing module of business license recognition supports image processing such as orientation judgment, multi-angle rotation, tilt correction, and removal of complex backgrounds to make the recognition results more accurate.


  • Wintone business license recognition can extract the unified social credit code, organization code, enterprise name, business scope, legal representative and other full field information of the business license in less than 1 second, and the recognition accuracy rate is as high as 95%. In addition, the business license The unit positioning function of identification can help users quickly find the specific location of the field to be identified, and get rid of the trouble of manual search and low efficiency and low accuracy of entering business license information.
  • Wintone business license recognition supports multi-process recognition, which can start multiple recognition processes on the same server and recognize at the same time, so as to improve the recognition efficiency.


Can be applied to a variety of business scenarios:


Bank credit system


Enterprise investment account opening and enterprise loan are the basic business of the bank. Before investing/loaning, it is necessary to verify and identify the qualification and business ability of the enterprise, and integrate the OCR identification product into the bank counter credit system. When the enterprise goes to the bank for account opening or loan business , submit the business license and other identity certificates, the bank can quickly and accurately extract the key information of the business license through the Wintone Science & technology OCR identification technology, and automatically enter the system, comprehensively improve the level of banking automation, improve service standards and work efficiency.

Guarantee company

The enterprise submits a guarantee application to the guarantee company, and the guarantee company conducts review. After passing the review, the company will approve the company's application for guarantee projects. During this process, the company will provide the guarantee company with a business license, and the guarantee company will integrate Wintone Science & technology OCR identification into the server side, which can be Identify and extract key information of various business licenses to form structured data, which is convenient for later retrieval and archiving, and saves a lot of time for data collection and sorting.

Supply Chain Management in the Trading Industry


When a supplier enters the trading company supply chain, the enterprise reviews its business qualifications. The supplier should provide business licenses and other qualifications. The trading company reviews its qualifications and integrates OCR identification products into the trading company supply chain management system to quickly identify suppliers. Provided business license, extract and output a variety of key information such as unified social credit code, company name, address, etc., to help trading companies avoid risks and improve audit efficiency.