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Passport readers are used in customs clearance systems

2022-10-08 16:24:28

The passport reader is applied to the customs passenger clearance system to improve the "intelligent" management level.


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, it has attracted wide attention from all walks of life. As the first gateway of our country, China Customs shoulders the important responsibility of epidemic prevention, control and investigation. In order to prevent the import of the epidemic and control the spread of the epidemic, in the special period of epidemic prevention and control, China's entry-exit customs force and the requirements for customs clearance efficiency are increasingly strict.


In order to ensure the legal entry of passengers and goods, the goods and cash carried by passengers at the customs will be restricted. When no passengers enter China, their luggage needs to undergo X-ray inspection. Wintone Science & technology passport reader is integrated into the customs business system, helping the customs clearance industry to efficiently complete the declaration of excess items, while saving labor management costs, improving the level of intelligence, and completing entry and exit inspections efficiently.


Intelligent identification of documents to improve efficiency


With the rapid development and application of network technology and artificial intelligence technology, the customs declaration process is constantly being optimized and upgraded. When people make customs declarations, in addition to making declarations through manual channels, passengers can also make self-declaration through customs. All-in-one reporting.


After successfully integrating and applying the Wintone Science & technology passport reader in the customs declaration machine, passengers only need to swipe their documents in the card reading area to complete the customs declaration procedures independently. The passport reader adopts the advanced and cutting-edge AI text recognition technology, and the recognition process only takes a few seconds. Not only does it not require manual input of document information, but also realizes the autonomy and speed of the declaration process.


Support a variety of document identification


There are various types of passenger documents. Taking the entry of foreigners as an example, foreigners are mainly passports. In practical applications, a system that can only identify one type of document often faces the challenge of functional mismatch. However, for Wintone Science & technology passports Reader, these challenges are a piece of cake.


Wintone Science & technology passport reader is cost-effective and powerful, and can identify 80+ kinds of documents including ID cards, passports, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan passes. The function of reading documents meets the diverse needs of passengers.


Can be used on the table or embedded, various shapes


Wintone Science & technology Passport Reader is exquisite and compact. It can be used as a desktop machine or embedded integration. Users can choose according to specific application scenarios. In customs agencies, Wintone Science & technology passport readers are reflected in different product forms.


Wintone Science & technology Passport Reader uses technology as the shield to guard the security.Among the countless passengers who come and go every day, whether it is manual customs declaration or self-service declaration, the Wintone passport reader is consistent and promotes the intelligent upgrade of customs.