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Wintone passport reader assists entry and exit border inspection

2022-10-08 16:40:16

    Application background

    In recent years, with the further intensification of reform and opening up, the entry-exit management policy has been continuously adjusted in a more relaxed direction, and the number of entry-exit personnel has increased substantially every year. The problem will still exist for a long time, and the workload of the immigration management department has increased significantly. Faced with this form, the Ministry of Public Security launched the "Entry and Exit Management Information System" (ie, the Chinese Citizens Going Abroad Management System and the Overseas Personnel Management System), which is a first-class application project of the "Golden Shield Project", in order to better manage Identity information of entry and exit personnel.

Analysis of the current situation of the entry-exit management information system:

The computer information management system of the entry-exit management departments at all levels throughout the country has developed from scratch, from support for single point business to complete support for the main business management process, and from information isolation to information integration and sharing. At present, the application of information technology in entry-exit management has a certain scale, and the application scope has covered the main business of entry-exit management. Basically, the entry-exit management departments (counties, prefectures, cities, provinces The network management of the four level business of the Ministry and the whole network sharing of all kinds of entry and exit management information.

In recent years, the entry-exit management department has effectively promoted the improvement of business management level, work efficiency and external service capacity by means of information construction, and effectively guaranteed the introduction of various entry-exit reform policies. The entry-exit management information system has become a necessary means for the entry-exit management departments at all levels to carry out various business work.

The main problems existing in the current entry-exit management information system are as follows:

1. Weak information collection ability: when going through relevant formalities, entry-exit personnel need to show valid ID cards (such as second-generation ID card, Hong Kong and Macao pass, military officer's license, driving license, Home Return Permit, household registration book, etc.), especially e-passports. Relevant business personnel need to register the customer's name, English name, ID card number, passport number, address, head picture, issuing date, effective date, machine-readable code, and photo. At present, the mainstream method is manual input of information. This method has a high error rate and takes a long time. At the same time, it also increases the labor cost and is extremely inconvenient for the entry-exit personnel to collect information.

2. Unclear responsibility: the suspect can not be traced because of false information when the criminal facts are found. Since the entry-exit administration uses manual entry of information and fails to retain the original e-passport information or ID card information, it is impossible to clarify the responsibility for false information.

Cause analysis

1. The manual input of the original identity information is too arbitrary, and the objectivity and accuracy of the data are not guaranteed.

2. There are too many human control factors in the way of manual comparison of information, and it is impossible to truly achieve real name.


Wintone Science & technology has developed a set of document identification management system - e-passport reader system, which is suitable for the entry-exit management information system, in view of this rapid and accurate information input demand and in combination with the application characteristics of the entry-exit management information system. On the one hand, it accelerates the informatization process of the entry-exit management information system, and on the other hand, it also improves the office efficiency of the entry-exit management information system.  

Functional features of e-passport reader system:

• Electronic passport chip reading, which can read travel documents such as passports, visas and other travel documents that meet the international standards of ICAO DOC 9303 electronic passports;

• A variety of document recognition (OCR), using TH-OCR identification core, can identify ID cards, driver's licenses, passports, Hong Kong and Macao passes, Taiwan compatriots cards, driving licenses and other ID documents;

• Second-generation card chip reading (optional), built-in second-generation card reader module, which can directly read the second-generation card chip information, expanding the application field in China;

• 5-megapixel high-definition imaging with a physical resolution of 500dpi, meeting the needs of users for image archiving;

• A variety of light sources, visible light capture image, infrared light recognition, ultraviolet light anti-counterfeiting;

• Automatic trigger, convenient for user operation, suitable for automatic and self-service occasions;

• Save a lot of manual input work and reduce the trouble of staff repeatedly repeating similar work;

• Effectively retain the electronic information of the customer's electronic passport, ID card and other documents for future reference, which improves the accuracy of information collection

The passport reader has a built-in authenticity identification system, reads the photo andidentity information of the holder in the "international travel document" through optical identification, chip identification and other functions, and transmits all the information to the Meisha system, and the system interface can accurately display all the information . When there is an abnormal certificate, a picture and information abnormal point prompt will appear on the Meisha system interface. For border inspection stations, automatic identification replaces manual entry, saving a lot of manual entry work and improving office efficiency. The identification image of the passport reader is of high quality, clear, easy to check, compact and lightweight, and easy to place. For areas not equipped with imaging equipment, the system can be directly applied, which can be done in one step, and is closely related to the actual needs of users in the entry and exit management information system It has high application value and will definitely bring a wide range of practical efficiency and benefits to the majority of users.

Wintone Science & technology reader authenticity identification, through optical inspection, electronic chip inspection, ultraviolet light anti-counterfeiting point inspection and other methods to identify the authenticity of the document, online/offline activation, the inspection system automatically identifies the authenticity of the passport, and will identify the authenticity of the passport. The authenticity result is displayed on the system interface. If it is false, it will indicate where the verification failed.

The following is a screenshot of the main interface and some check items of the Wintone passport authenticity identification system:


The main interface consists of 5 parts, area 1 is the basic information read from the document; area 2 is the image of the document (white light image, infrared image and ultraviolet image); area 3 is the inspection result overview area; area 4 is the information comparison area , which is used to display the information associated with the specific inspection item; area 5 is the inspection point and classification of the certificate inspection.


Support the inspection of electronic passports, paper passports and visas of mainstream countries such as the United States of all countries; support the inspection of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan documents such as Taiwan Compatriot Permits, Home Return Permits, and Exit-Entry Permits for Hong Kong and Macau.



It supports image data inspection, OCR data inspection, chip data inspection, OCR data and electronic chip content cross-validation, image data and electronic chip content cross-validation, image data cross-check, and comprehensive cross-validation. More than 60 types of anti-counterfeiting feature checks.


Multiple field information check and comparison


The inspection system can verify the authenticity of the passport and verify whether the page information has been tampered with by identifying and comparing the information of the machine-readable zone, visual-reading zone, and chip of the document.



It supports the comparison of foreign travel documents and Chinese visas, the cross-validation of international passports and international visas, and the automatic comparison of relevant information in passports and visa items to realize cross-validation of passports and visas.


Automatic alarm function for false documents


When perjury is detected, the passport reader has built-in LED indicators, buzzer alarm, and the inspection system displays a red light alarm.


It supports enterprise intranet deployment, and the obtained data comes from the anti-counterfeiting inspection database, which is real and effective.


The passport authenticity identification system can also be applied to many fields such as hotel check-in information registration management, bank real-name account opening, customs, border inspection, airport real-name customs clearance inspection, etc., to escort information security in various fields.