Point of sale systems (POS), loyalty programs, and age verification


Point of sale systems (POS), loyalty programs, and age verification tools are a necessity in today’s retail

establishments, Wintotech offers a variety of solutions that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of

retail businesses. Anytime there is a need for customer information registration, Wintonetech can do it a snap.

Point of sale systems (POS)

Faster check processing transactions, capture image of passport, Driver’s License or ID cards, no need for

manual writing of customer information, automating the registration process and eliminating human typing error.

Point of sale systems are perfect marketing objectives tool for specialty stores by having customer demographics

recorded for mailing purposes.

Loyalty Programs

No need for mail-in applications, just scan the customer’s passport Driver’s License or ID and have the customer

registered in seconds.

No need for timely look-ups for customer information, just scan the customer’s Driver’s License or ID and

integrated systems will look up the information.

Age Verification

Effective tool for verifying age from passport Driver’s License or ID’s for regulated sales such as tobacco, alcohol,

and pseudoephedrine drugs.

Your advantage:


1. The device is very compact, saves lots of space on the counter;

2. Know your customer, you will know who is buying your product

3. Improve customer experience, the ID document registration will be finished within seconds;


4. Eliminate human typing error to keep high database accuracy