There is a booming market in African for passport reader


The current bad security situation in West Africa is a major concern for the governments of these countries.

This is due to the terrorist attacks that are increasing in all this area for a certain time.

In recent months, security has deteriorated further with warriors groups attacks have targeted Mali and Burkina Faso in particular.

Given this situation, many West African countries have taken radical measures to prevent terrorism and other malicious acts.These measures have imposed, inter alia, the need for all hotels to be equipped with passport scanner/reader solution to identify all guests staying in these hotels.

After hotels, other sectors of public and private life will soon be affected by these measures.


Wintone passport reader is a full page multi functional device, it can identify any document compatible to ICAO 9303 standard, such as passport, Id-1, ID-2,ID-3 cards. But sometimes the OCR information is not enough, and Wintone passport reader also provides the biometric data which is available from the optional modules;

ePassport reading module to provide head photo, finger print

Smart card reader module to decode the information from IC chip.


Wintone passport reader is very competitive in the pricing and it is the perfect solution in a market where it is very sensitive to price like Africa.