Chinese goverments uses Wintone passport reader to refund tax to boost tourism industry



As all of us know, China is quite big and it has quite lots of interesting places. More and more foreigners are travelling to China to experince the charm of this old country. 

Firstly, people 's transfer between different countries can enhance the communication of culture and ,secondly, will drive the local economy through shopping. The income of
tourism accounts for large part of GDP for some countries where are the desire desitination of most people. 
In order to attract more tourists and boost local economy, the goverments issue serious of policies in favour of the foreigners, and tax refund is one of them. 
Now Wintone passport readers are widely used in the shopping malls and shops in marjor cities such as Beijing Shanghai,Guangzhou and etc. and passports are required to present
and scan on passport readers to get the tax refund. When the foreigners are buying some products are in the tax refund items, they can go to the service counter of the shopping
malls and present their passports to refund the tax.