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Good News! Wintone Passport Reader "Entered" ICBC Thailand Branch


By virtue of industry-leading image processing, OCR character recognition, artificial intelligence, radio frequency identification and other algorithm technologies, Wintone Passport Reader has helped ICBC achieve intelligent identification and entry of certificate information and effectively improve the efficiency of real name authentication. Wintone continued to deepen cooperation with ICBC to "push" the passport reader to Thailand, help ICBC Thailand optimize its workflow, further strengthen the real name system of bank accounts, prevent illegal acts such as opening accounts under false names, and maintain economic and financial order.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) is a large state-owned bank under central management, one of the largest card issuers with the most complete credit card brands in China, and Thailand is one of the important regions for ICBC's strategic development in ASEAN. In 2010, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (ICBC Thailand) was officially established. ICBC Thailand aims to become the leader in Thailand's banking industry in terms of international busine

Optimize Business Proces

When handling business, bank staff need to collect many information such as citizen ID card number, name, gender, nationality, date of birth and address. Manual entry of many lengthy fields is time-consuming, laborious, inefficient and error prone.

The Wintone passport reader is directly connected to the bank PC through USB. It is simple to operate, only takes a few seconds to read the certificate, and the recognition accuracy rate is as high as 99.8%. It supports automatic induction trigger and automatic classification of certificates, reduces the waiting time of customers, and optimizes the ICBC Thailand business handling process.

Further Strengthen the Real Name System of Bank Accounts

The real name system of bank account card opening is an important basic financial system in China, and an important means to protect the legitimate rights and interests of individuals and combat illegal and criminal activities such as telecommunications network fraud.

When ICBC Thailand opens bank cards or credit cards for users at a manual counter, users need to provide their valid identity documents. The bank teller reviews the authenticity, validity and compliance of their identity documents, and continues to handle relevant business after completing real name authentication.

ICBC Thailand integrates the Wintone passport reader at the counter. When the user handles business, he/she presents his/her identity cardthe machine could accurately identifies the full field information such as the name and number of the certificate and the image of the certificate, and automatically classifies and checks the authenticity of the certificate. The information is intelligently entered into the business system, and the system automatically compares the certificate information to complete real name authentication. The passport reader supports the identification of Thailand identity cards, second-generation identity cards, Singapore identity cards, Indonesia identity cards and other national identity documents, and can also identify passports of more than 200 countries.

Prevent Economic Losses Caused by Opening Accounts under False Names

In recent years, illegal and criminal acts such as cash arbitrage, telecom network fraud, money laundering and so on have been repeatedly prohibited by forging identity documents to open accounts under false names, and the accuracy of bank employees' naked eye judgment on the authenticity of certificates is low.

When handling the card opening business, the user places the ID card or passport in the OCR collection area of the passport reader, it could automatically collects information, checks the authenticity with ultraviolet light, and refuses to open an account with forged or forged certificates. The staff saved the identification results to the business system, which helped ICBC Thailand establish a sound traceability system, stopped the use of false certificates to open cards for illegal crimes and other incidents, and reduced economic disputes and losses.

In addition, the mobile banking APP of  ICBC applies the mobile terminal certificate identification product of Wintone to realize the instant identification of certificates and complete the real name authentication easily.

Wintone Technology has maintained a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with ICBC, and continues to help ICBC build smart finance.