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Wintone license plate recognition all-in-one machine


    "Overloaded on the road, day and night, deliberately detour to avoid detection", which is some overloaded truck drivers to avoid law enforcement of the usual tricks. Weighing overweight management is the key to control overweight trucks, some freight drivers have a lucky break, when passing through the detection area, deliberately take to cover the license plate, more vehicles side by side and other ways to avoid detection. In addition to illegal overloading behavior, due to too many vehicles overweight, queuing time is too long, the driver fought such accidents also occur from time to time, seriously endangering the safety of highway traffic, interfering with the normal order of traffic management.

Create unattended, intelligent weighing

    In front of the power of science and technology, these practices are like "cover up", Wintone license plate recognition machine, help the weighing industry to create unmanned, weighing operation intelligence, improve efficiency, service quality, control ability, effectively curbing the trucks overloading, overloading, avoiding detection and other illegal acts.

Dramatic increase in weighing efficiency

    Integration of VENTON license plate recognition machine in weighing, subverting the traditional weighing process, each shift only need to arrange for a weigher to supervise or unattended, reducing more than 50% of the labor cost, different from the traditional license plate recognition products, VENTON license plate recognition machine, providing license plate recognition API interface, the application of embedded modular structure of license plate recognition and networked, TCP/IP protocol for data transmission, functionality Modularized structure.

    License plate recognition weighing system is simple to build, easy to transform, no need for human-industrial control machine can automatically detect the vehicle, get vehicle information, send the data to the system host through the network, intelligent management of vehicle entry and exit and cargo transportation, in the case of unmanned intervention quickly, accurately and safely complete the entry and exit of the vehicle's license plate recognition, positioning on the pound, weighing data collection, front and rear of the vehicle, such as the entire weighing Process, record vehicle images, inspection data, etc., the original 60 ~ 400 s manual weighing measurement time shortened to 5 ~ 20 s, improve work efficiency and service quality, to avoid vehicle congestion and potential risks caused by overloading.

Sharing data and preventing cheating

    Wintone License Plate Recognition Machine integrates the weighing and billing system to form financial and statistical API interface, fully integrated with the enterprise financial ERP, management ERP, weighing data can be realized in different categories of query statistics, calculation and storage, pre-sales, after-sales, financial management, etc., in one step, to avoid the occurrence of human scale, vehicle cheating behavior.

    License plate recognition machine intelligent collection of weighing process data, accurate recording and uploading of vehicle images, detection of vehicle data information, vehicle information can also be automatically uploaded to the management center network operation, combined with the weighing system, accurately associated with the name of the goods, the supply unit, the unit of verification of the receipt of information, the pound personnel do not need to manually enter, query the detection of vehicle data information, a great saving of labor costs, and strengthen the transparency of the process. The weighing system effectively avoids artificial cheating and prevents trucks from stealing goods and other unlawful behaviors.

Stable and Reliable, Guaranteeing High-performance Operation

    Wintone license plate recognition machine waterproof, dustproof design, to avoid outdoor applications into the water into the fog, support abnormal license plate, rain and snow bad weather environment license plate recognition. Embedded with efficient and accurate license plate recognition OCR core algorithms, 24-hour light intelligent processing, defacement, deformation and yin and yang license plates can also be accurately identified, which guarantees the high-performance operation of the weighing license plate recognition system, and effectively reduces the errors caused by human operation.

Unattended, safe and secure

    Relying on the remote management platform of Yi Yun time and space camera, users can remotely carry out video monitoring of the weighing site, remote voice broadcast management, and realize unattended. Traditional manual weighing requires on-site measurement, and there is a safety risk of intensive personnel contact. After the application of EYT, the camera captures and records the weighing situation at any time, and the management personnel can remotely view the whole process of vehicle weighing through PC or small program, and remotely manipulate to deal with the problems at the weighbridge site, and also effectively avoid close contact with the driver, and the automatic weighing process screen is synchronized and saved to prevent man-made collusion and cheating, and the weighing process is more clear and transparent.

    Wintone License Plate Recognition Machine has been widely used in highway super monitoring stations, high-speed dynamic weighing, bulk material source enterprise overweight control, weighing and payment, mining weighing management and other fields, Wintone accurate force, and actively promote the intelligent development of weighing and testing.