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RFID Passport Reader has Various Applications


Did you know? Wintone Passport Reader reads documents in over 200 countries worldwide, more than 28.000 different documents types.

A bank needs to keep record of the personal data of its customer who opens a new bank account. The customer can present his identity card to the counter staff who uses a scanner to read the data. The information is stored in the database of the bank.

A property developer selling apartments to its customers on the site can register the personal data of buyers by making photos of the customers’ identity cards on its company’s mobile apps. The data is directly captured by the mobile apps and saved on the central server. Customer name as written on sales contract can be verified to be same as on identity card.

The system will automatically check if all required documents are present (completeness check) and that all of them belong to the same client (continuity check), e.g. verify that the person name is the same in all submitted documents.

Wintone Passport Reader is 100 times faster than manual data entry. Your staff can allocate their time on improving customer service instead of data entry. Integration of  Wintone passport reader is fast and seamless. Within one month, the whole system can be implemented with integration to your online system, PMS, e-form, Android and IOS mobile apps, ERP, SAP and database.

Wintone Pro Passport Reader Applications
1. Hotel self check-in Kiosk machines
2. Airport Smart gate for border control
3. Access control management system
4. Tax Refund & Money Exchange
5. Car Rental information registration
6. Visitor management system
7. Passport and Visa Issuance
8. Banking self kiosk machines and desktop use
9. Casino and internet cafe (Age verification)
10. Securities company customer management system