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How our OCR Technology can help you


In the age of globalisation, travelling has become a leisure activity for many families around the world. Tourism, in turn, creates an important source of revenue for many countries. With the increased flow of travellers, collection of customer information becomes a hustle for authorities such as the customs, hotels and visitor lounges also face the issue of inefficiency in customer data collection, popular tourism spots, too, find it hard to keep track of the visitors.

Thus, we at Wintone Technology provides a solution for these issues, introducing our Full Page Passport Reader.  

With our Full Page Passport Reader, collection of customer information will be a breeze. Furthermore, it allows customer photo to be stored for verification purposes. With the implementation of our Full Page Passport Reader, time and human resources can be saved to provide better services for the customers. 


We also have the Wintone Kiosk Passport Reader for customers who require a fully automated process of data collection. It can be integrated within any Kiosk Self Service Machine for customers to do a self scan-in.

At Wintone, we provide quality products and customizable SDK packs to cater to customer needs.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to know more.