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Function Introduction

Simple Installation Without Wiring

Support 4G communication, local area network short-range communication without network cable; camera and cloud management platform can communicate directly, support POE power supply, reduce wiring costs

"One for Two" Parking Space Management

Intelligent license plate recognition algorithm upgrade, a single camera can control two parking spaces, reducing equipment costs

Remote Debugging, Upgrade and Maintenance of Cameras

Relying on the Yiyunshikong camera management platform, remote debugging parameter configuration, upgrade and maintenance, and remote multi-station parking space group video monitoring management

High License Plate Recognition Accuracy

Built-in license plate recognition algorithm independently developed by Wintone technology based on deep learning, the comprehensive license plate recognition rate is >99.9%

Speech Synthesis Audio Output

Supports speech synthesis and audio output, and can be connected to an external microphone to realize any text to speech

The Algorithm Has A Powerful Abnormality Processing Function

Lenses of different specifications can be selected according to requirements, the recognition distance is 2-8 meters, and multiple license plates can be recognized at the same time in the field of view. license plate recognition, the system will activate the exception processing or fuzzy matching function to optimize the recognition results

Fast Recognition Speed

Using video stream, video stream + ground sense two recognition modes, the video recognition speed reaches 25 frames/S, the picture recognition speed reaches 15 frames/S, and the delay time is within 100-200ms

Vehicle Logo Recognition, Unlicensed Vehicle Detection

Provide unlicensed vehicle detection, support non-motor vehicle filtering, support 34 common vehicle logo recognition, and provide algorithm customization services for car companies' exclusive parking space management

Product Superiority

Exquisite Appearance, Stable and Reliable Quality
Cheweitong has exquisite and compact appearance, simple installation, saves space, and reduces on-site scratches; IP66 waterproof and dustproof design avoids water and fog in outdoor applications
Strict Quality Control
Each equipment undergoes strict shock testing, high and low temperature testing, humidity testing, transportation testing and other hardware quality control processes and software testing
Gold Service
Provide on-site survey, equipment installation and debugging guidance, regular inspection, life-long equipment maintenance and other services, all-day customer service on duty, and timely response to after-sales calls.

Application Scenarios

  • Intelligent charging pile
  • Unattended weighing
  • 4S store car maintenance
  • Intelligent car washing
  • Smart gas station
  • Senseless payment
Intelligent charging pile

Wintone anti fuel vehicle parking system is equipped with cheweitong license plate recognition camera. The camera ground lock is interconnected, which can effectively control the parking situation, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and support remote monitoring and debugging. A single camera can control two parking spaces at the same time. Equipped with a self-developed license plate recognition core, it has high recognition rate and fast recognition speed. It can accurately judge the status of parking spaces through license plate information collection and vehicle behavior analysis, Ensure that the charging pile can effectively serve the vehicle owners, improve the charging experience of the vehicle owners, improve the operation value, and greatly improve the utilization rate of the charging pile.

Unattended weighing

In the unattended weighing industry, the license plate recognition camera is used to automatically identify the license plate number, record the vehicle image, detect data and other information while the vehicle is being weighed. The vehicle information is automatically uploaded to the management center in real time to realize networked operation. The vehicle can complete the entire weighing process quickly, accurately, safely, stably and reliably without any intervention, and realize the full intelligence of data collection in the measurement process.

4S store car maintenance

Through the application of cheweitong license plate recognition camera, it can carry out fine management and visual service management on vehicles entering and leaving the 4S store, provide data basis for decision-making analysis for the management, and improve the management level and service level of the 4S store.

Intelligent car washing

Cheweitong license plate recognition camera is connected to the intelligent car washing system, and the vehicle information can be obtained in advance before the vehicle arrives at the store, so that the vehicle can quickly enter the car washing machine, reduce the waiting time of the vehicle queue, and improve the income of the car washing room.

Smart gas station

With cheweitong license plate recognition camera, through integrated application, intelligent payment experience such as insensitive license plate payment and face payment can be realized. After the license plate recognition results are obtained, the system can collect and analyze the big data of the vehicles that usually refuel, so as to carry out precision marketing and bring more loyal customers to the gas station; More and more gas stations begin to use automatic car washing equipment; Provide free car washing service for vehicles with a certain amount of refueling, quickly and accurately judge whether the vehicle is qualified for free automatic car washing, so as to control the automatic lifting of the equipment. The whole process is convenient and fast without manual intervention.

Senseless payment

Cheweitong license plate recognition camera and senseless payment system are combined to automatically and accurately verify the vehicle identity, shorten the waiting time for vehicle payment, improve vehicle traffic efficiency and avoid peak congestion.


License plate recognition camera applied to smart logistics park platform
LPR camera enables unattended weighbridge management and scientific weighing overload management

Product parameters

  • ALPR
    Sheet Metal Material/Thickness Memory CPU frequency Communication method Voice broadcast Protection configuration
    Galvanized sheet/ 1.5mm 2GB 4-core 1.6GHz 4G/RJ45、RS485 "Yuyin Tianxia" voice chip Waterproof groove + hard foam + heaven and earth lock
    Dimensions 360x1460mm
    Weight Box packing 14kg, column packing 7.5kg
    Plastic powder Silver/
    Aksu Outdoor Powder
    Imaging parameters Sensor dynamic range 95db
    LED screen Four lines, three colors, 4 characters width, 450cd/m2 brightness adjustable
    Speech synthesis Support any Chinese and English playback, power 8W, volume adjustable
    Input 100-240VAC
    Total power 50W
    Operating temperature -35 to 85 degrees Celsius
    Protection class IP65
    Communication method RJ45、RS485
    Secondary development Support Windows platform C++\Java\C#\Delphi secondary development
    Sheet metal material/thickness Galvanized sheet/1.5mm
    Memory 1GB (standard version), 2GB (high version)
  • ANPR Camera
    CPU frequency Memory Built-in storage GPU Sensor version
    4 cores 1.5GHz 2G/1G 8/4GB Rockchip RV1126  Sony IMX327
    Model EP-B622 (4\6\8\12\16\25)
    Department; EP-B652 (4\6\8\12\16\25)
    Department; EP-B652 (B)
    Module MV6B-A(4\6\8\12\16\25),MV6B-B(4\6\8\12\16\25)
    Motherboard Main chip: RV1126 4-core CPU, 1-core NPU, main frequency 1.5GHz
    DDR: 2 Samsung 512MB, total 1GB
    eMMC: 1 Samsung 4GB storage
    Sensor version Sony IMX327,
    200W 1/2.8 inch, WDR, starlight CMOS image sensor
    Interface board Power interface, SD card interface, network interface,
    Function interface (1 IO input, 1 relay output, 1 RS485)
    Expansion board 3-way IO input, 2-way relay output, 1-way RS485, 1-way MIC, 1-way passive speaker, 1-way active speaker
    Light board 4 imported CREE high-brightness white LED lamp beads, up to 30m
    Fixed focus lens 200W 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm fixed focus lens aperture F1.6 (except 25mm)
    Zoom lens 200W zoom 3-25m, aperture F1.6
  • LPR Camera
    Imaging device Power supply Shell material Protection class Recognition distance
    Wide dynamic CMOS image sensor POE powered Aluminum alloy IP66 2-8 meters
    Imaging device 1/2.7-inch, 2-megapixel low-light, wide dynamic CMOS image sensor
    Image adjustment Exposure gain automatic adjustment
    lens Fixed focus 6mm M12 interface (different focal length lenses are optional)
    Fill light White light LED always bright fill light, fill light distance 2m-8m
    Video compression format  H.264、MJPEG
    Video output 1080P(1920x1080), 720P(1280x720), D1(704x576), CIF(352x288) frame rate and resolution can be configured according to bandwidth
    Image output 2 million pixel JPEG
    Communication interface  10/100M network adaptive, RJ45 network interface, built-in 4G (full Netcom), WIFI2.4G (4G and WIFI optional)
    Audio interface Audio output, speech synthesis (male and female voices can be configured)
    Serial interface 1 channel RS485
    IO interface 2-way optocoupler isolation input, 2-way relay output, button to restore factory settings
    Power supply mode External power input (DC12V/2A)/POE power supply Comply with IEEE802.3AT PD standard (maximum 12W)
    Equipment power fixed 10W
    Protection class IP66
    Shell material aluminum alloy