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Function Introduction

Identify multiple countries

Support identification of multi-country ID cards, such as China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

Full Page Recognition

Support identification of the front, back, temporary ID card, ethnic minority ID card, permanent residence ID card of foreigners and other documents of the second-generation ID card; identify and output full field information such as name, gender, face avatar, etc.

Powerful Image Processing

Support recognition of a variety of rare characters, intelligent edge detection, support automatic rotation, tilt correction, complex background edge trimming and other image processing

Offline Recognition

Support local recognition, avoid time delay and data traffic generated by network transmission

Support Video Stream Recognition

Video preview mode recognition is applied to collect ID information automatically

Support Multi-platform

Supports both Windows and Linux system deployment, as well as mobile SDK (Android/Ios) integration. The deployment and maintenance are simple and can be completed within 10 minutes.

Output Structural Data

Returns JSON and XML recognition results; supports outputting pictures in PDF format, which can be saved directly to the local

Provide Standard API

Provide standard HTTP, WebService API, support C++, C#, JAVA and other development language calls

Product Superiority

High Applicability
The front and back of the ID card are copied on a piece of paper, identify the front and back information at the same time; It supports the identification of screen photos and spot detection
Easy To Use
Supports video stream recognition, easily like scanning a QR code
Multi-angle Rotation
Support automatic rotation and recognition of ID images at such angles as 90°, 180° and 270°
Ensure Data Security
Sinosecu ID card OCR SDK deploys one SDK to identify multiple documents
Fast Recognition
Single image can be recognized within a second
High Recognition Accuracy
Independent training with a large amount of true samples was conducted to enhance the feature extraction accuracy of the model. The recognition accuracy is as high as 99%
High Adaptability
Adaptable to various abnormal condition in actual use, namely, uneven illumination, inclination, ambiguity, etc

Application Scenarios

  • Bank
  • Loan Service
  • Third Party Payment
  • Insurance industry
  • Remote authentication
  • Car Services

Our ID document OCR solution can be integrated in bank counters, self-service kiosks, mobile terminals and other equipment to further expand and enhance the various businesses of the bank. The OCR technology can help to digitalize the process of counter business, online business and door to door business. The end users through OCR technology are able to identify document information automatically without manual input. The advanced OCR technology make it real to open accounts anytime, anywhere, thus improving the service quality and help to win more customers.

Loan Service

Banks and other finance institutions must audit the qualifications of the customers which include personal audit, real estate certificates, real estate registration certificates and real estate certificates to decide whether or not to loan money and how much to loan to the applicant. And the ID document is also necessary to authenticate the identity of the loan applicant during lending business. Wintone OCR technology is able to extract the information from the above documents to shorten and simplify the process and thus make customer more satisfied.

Third Party Payment

Our ID document OCR solution can integrate into the mobile terminal and apply it to personal payment business processing. Users hold ID documents and other materials though OCR identification technology collecting intelligently and uploading information will speed up the processing and approval process, and users will get perfect experience.

Insurance industry

Our ID document OCR solution can integrate into core systems such as CRM, mobile phone insurance, online insurance, etc. which helps insurance companies optimize business processing procedures, realizes automatic entry of document information, and improves the work efficiency of handling personnel.

Remote authentication

The end users are able to employ ID card recognition and face recognition technology to check their identity automatically, which can be applied to scenarios such as e-commerce, O2O, and live broadcasting. The OCR solution can authenticate identity of users such as merchants, anchors, and etc., so as to reduce input costs and control business risks effectively.

Car Services

Our ID document OCR solution can be integrated in the mobile terminal and store business system of the automobile service companies. When car owners handle car related businesses such as second-hand car transactions, car rental, maintenance management and car information inquiry, they only need to scan their identity card and some necessary documents. The OCR solution will help to pop the information into the application automatically.


Wintone document identification for Archives Management Bureau
Wintone OCR improves financial credit approval efficiency
OCR technology optimizes workflow in the insurance industry
OCR-TECH improves claims efficiency in the auto insurance industry
OCR technology is used for ETC processing and financial reimbursement
Wintone OCR empowers enterprise dealer system digitization

Online experience

ID Card Distinguish

The recommended: size of the image is about 200KB, and the bit depth is more than 24Recommended resolution of scanned image: 300dpi, less than 3m.

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