Product ID Document OCR Passport

Function Introduction

Full-field Recognition

Support passport recognition and output of all full-field information, for example, country code, passport NO., name, gender, place of birth, date of birth, place of authority, date of issue, date of expire, name of authority, etc

Recognition All Passports

Support recognition domestic and more than 200 countries passport compliant with ICAO Doc 9303 machine read travel documents standard

Powerful Image Processing

Intelligent edge detection, support automatic rotation, inclination correction, complex background trimming and other image processing

Off-line Recognition

Support local recognition, avoid time delay and data traffic generated by network transmission

Multiple Deployment Methods

Supports both windows and Linux system deployment and Mobile SDK (Android / IOS) integration.

Output Structural Data

Return JSON, XML recognition result

Provide Standard API

Provide standard HTTP, WebService API, support C++, C#, JAVA and other development language calls

Product Superiority

Multi-angle Rotation
Support automatic rotation and recognition of ID images at such angles as 90°, 180° and 270°.
Ensure Data Security
Deploy with enterprise intranet to meet users' requirements for data security
Fast Recognition
Single image can be recognized within a second
High Recognition Accuracy
Independent training with a large amount of true samples was conducted to enhance the feature extraction accuracy of the model. The recognition accuracy is high.
Support Uncommon Word Recognition
High-precision recognition of a variety of uncommon words.
High Adaptability
Adaptable to various abnormal condition in actual use, namely, uneven illumination, inclination, ambiguity, etc.

Application Scenarios

  • Overseas travel
  • Study Abroad Information Registration
Overseas travel

When the travelers travel domestically or abroad, they can use our OCR solution to recognize their passports, ID card, Hong Kong, Macau passes, Taiwan passes and etc. to book and check-in hotel, purchase airline tickets and insurances. It supports identify travel document compliant with Doc 9303 standard passports from more than 200 countries. Using the products can meet the needs of users for automatic input of personal information, improving the efficiency of information, reducing users' input costs, and improving user experience.

Study Abroad Information Registration

Our ID document OCR product can be applied to scenarios such as information collection of abroad institutions or individual study abroad procedures to achieve structured identification and fast-speed input of users' passports, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan pass identification so as to reduce user input costs, and improve experience.


Wintone document identification for Archives Management Bureau
Wintone OCR improves financial credit approval efficiency
OCR technology optimizes workflow in the insurance industry
OCR-TECH improves claims efficiency in the auto insurance industry
OCR technology is used for ETC processing and financial reimbursement
Wintone OCR empowers enterprise dealer system digitization

Online experience

Passport Distinguish

The recommended: size of the image is about 200KB, and the bit depth is more than 24Recommended resolution of scanned image: 300dpi, less than 3m.

  • Passport
  • Result
  • JSON Data