Product ID Document OCR Bank Card

Function Introduction

Identify multiple countries

Supports the identification of bank cards in multiple countries, such as American Express, Discover, Bank of America, etc.

Recognition all Types of Bank Card

Recognition domestice and foreign country all types of bank card

Full-field Recognition

Support the identification of all card information such as the Pinyin of the cardholder's name, card number, bank name and expiration date of various bank cards

Recognition Various Shape of Bank Card

Support recognition horizontal , vertical , abnormal shape bank card

Provide Standard API

Provide the third-party system development integration with standard HTTP, WebService API

Recognition Output a Various of Format

Support JPG/BMP/TIF/PNG etc format files import , return XML and JSON format recognition result

Product Superiority

High Recognition Accuracy
The recognition accuracy is as high as 99%.
Fast Recognition
Single bank card can be recognized within 200ms
Powerful Image Processing
Intelligent edge detection, support automatic rotation, inclination correction, complex background trimming and other image processing
Upgrade and Maintain by Enterprise Themselves
Enterprise can upgrade and maintain the recognition service by themselves
Flexible Deployment
Bank card recognition service deployment can be finished within an hour
Off-line Recognition
Deploy with enterprise intranet to ensure data security

Application Scenarios

  • Remote Account Opening
  • Mobile ETC Processing
  • Insurance Mobile Terminal Insurance Business
  • Mobile Payment
Remote Account Opening

Artificial intelligence has become hotter and hotter in recent years, users and companies all admit the value of intelligent identification products. Bank integrates our ID document OCR product on the mobile terminal so that individuals will don't have to line up at the business hall or counter to pick up numbers to do business. They only need apply for an account through mobile phone, and the bank card can be scanned through OCR technology to identify bank card information automatically without manual input. Users can open accounts anytime, anywhere so efficient that bank will get more clients and enhance the bank's intelligent development.

Mobile ETC Processing

Under the vigorous promotion of national policies, the number of ETC users in China have grown rapidly in recent years. Huge numbers of car owners conduct ETC at various business stores. In addition to conducting at high-speed intersections and business halls of large banks, banks have also successively provided mobile terminal processing channels. Users can collect ID information and bank card information by scanning automatically without manual inputting lengthy information. It is convenient and fast to improve processing efficiency to optimize users' experience.

Insurance Mobile Terminal Insurance Business

How to use artificial intelligence technology to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the platform is the focus of current insurance companies. If insurance companies integrate bank card recognition into mobile apps, users just need scan their insurance business, personal information, bank card information and other information by our OCR technology to do businesses timely. Our technology can identify all types of domestic and foreign bank cards, and users don’t need input ID and bank card information manually, it can help insurance companies to simplify the process, and improve users' experience and work efficiency.

Mobile Payment

The third-party mobile payment financial industry integrates our OCR recognition technology into the mobile terminal and applies it to personal payment business processing. Users use mobile phones to scan documents, bank cards by OCR recognition technology. And users can easily register bank card information so as to speed up the processing and approval process, and users can get intelligent experience.


Wintone document identification for Archives Management Bureau
Wintone OCR improves financial credit approval efficiency
OCR technology optimizes workflow in the insurance industry
OCR-TECH improves claims efficiency in the auto insurance industry
OCR technology is used for ETC processing and financial reimbursement
Wintone OCR empowers enterprise dealer system digitization

Online experience

Bank Card Distinguish

The recommended: size of the image is about 200KB, and the bit depth is more than 24Recommended resolution of scanned image: 300dpi, less than 3m.

Bank Card
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