Product ID Document OCR Driver's License

Function Introduction

Recognition Many Types of Driver's License

Fast and accurately recognition the domestic and foreign country all types of driver's license

Full-field Recognition

Support driver's license recognition and output of full-field information, for example, name and gender, address, initial date of issue, allowed driver vehicle types, date of expire, date of birth, nationality etc.

Distinguish Layout Automatically

Distinguish driver's license front side and back side automatically

Support Video Stream Recognition

Video preview mode recognition is applied to collect ID information automatically

Support Multi-platform

Supports both windows and Linux system deployment and Mobile SDK (Android / IOS) integration.

All-in-One SDK

Deploy one SDK and recognize multi-documents

Output Structural Data

Return JSON, XML recognition result

Provide Standard API

Provide standard HTTP, WebService API, support C++, C#, JAVA and other development language calls

Product Superiority

Easy To Use
Supports video stream recognition, easily like scanning a QR code
Multi-angle Rotation
Support driver's license automatic rotation and recognition at such angles as 90°, 180° and 270°
Powerful Image Processing
Intelligent edge detection, support automatic rotation, inclination correction, complex background trimming and other image processing
Ensure Data Security
Deploy with enterprise intranet to meet users' requirements for data security
Fast Recognition
Single image can be recognized within a second
High Recognition Accuracy
Independent training with a large amount of true samples was conducted to enhance the feature extraction accuracy of the model. The recognition accuracy is high.
High Adaptability
Adaptable to various abnormal condition in actual use, namely, uneven illumination, inclination, ambiguity, etc.

Application Scenarios

  • Driver Identity Verification and Examine
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Information Inquiry Service
  • Insurance Mobile Survey
  • Auto Insurance
Driver Identity Verification and Examine

When online car-hailing user registration and truck driver identity need review, it is necessary to input personal driving license, driving license, ID card and other information manually. But the procedure is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and easy to make mistakes. The comprehensive application of Wintone's driver's license, driving permit and ID card identification products integrates identification technology into the APP, which can identify and input user identity information and vehicle information automatically with fast scan, so it can improve information input effectively and optimize user experience.

Traffic Enforcement

When police officers conduct enforcement on road and deal with traffic accidents, they need review the identity of the driver and input information manually such as personal driving licenses, driving permits, and ID cards, which is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and easy to make mistakes. If users use the Wintone driver's license, driving license and ID card identification products, and they can upload the ID photo, identify and input user identity information and vehicle information automatically. It can integrate with the management system, improve the efficiency of information collection largely.

Information Inquiry Service

Wintone ID identity can identify and input user identity information and vehicle information, integrate in the APP easily, provide personalized information and violation information inquiry, also it can reduce input cost of users efficiently with providing users more convenient information transmission and query service.

Insurance Mobile Survey

After receiving the police emergency call, the receiver will find the on-site investigator in the corresponding area to deal with the situation according to the user's description. The investigator needs collect the user's identity information, driver's license, user card information, etc., But during this process, staff need type information manually and the it is a long time and easy to make mistakes. Sionsecu OCR identification service will recognize rapidly and collect user information, optimize business processes, improve inspection and prevent claims risks.

Auto Insurance

Users can submit personal identity and certificate information for auto insurance business through offline auto insurance companies, or online auto insurance app and other channels. By using Wintone OCR recognition service, staff and users are exempted from inputting personal information and driver's license information manually. It can optimize business process, and improve the efficiency of car insurance processing to provide best satisfaction to customers.


Wintone document identification for Archives Management Bureau
Wintone OCR improves financial credit approval efficiency
OCR technology optimizes workflow in the insurance industry
OCR-TECH improves claims efficiency in the auto insurance industry
OCR technology is used for ETC processing and financial reimbursement
Wintone OCR empowers enterprise dealer system digitization

Online experience

Driver's License Distinguish

The recommended: size of the image is about 200KB, and the bit depth is more than 24Recommended resolution of scanned image: 300dpi, less than 3m.

Driver's License
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