Product ID Document OCR Business License

Function Introduction

Full-range Recognition

Supports recognize three-in-one, five-in-one, horizontal, vertical, and business licenses in various formats as defined by the industry and commerce

Full-field Recognition

Support extract and output unified social credit code, company name, address all information recognition

Provide Standard API

Provide standard HTTP, WebService API, for third-party system development integration .

Multiple Deployment Methods

Supports both windows and Linux system deployment and Mobile SDK (Android / IOS) integration.

Import Various of Format Files

Support import JPG/ BMP/TIF/PNG format files

Output Structural Data

Return JSON, XML recognition results

Upgrade Expansion Available

Continuously upgrade the business license types

Product Superiority

Update and Maintain More Easier
Enterprise can maintain and update the recognition service by themselves
Fast Recognition
Single image can be recognized within a second
High Recognition Accuracy
The recognition accuracy rate is as high as 99%
Powerful Image Processing
Intelligent edge detection, support automatic rotation, inclination correction, complex background trimming and other image processing
Off-line Recognition
Support local recognition, avoid time delay and data traffic generated by network transmission

Application Scenarios

  • Bank Credit System
  • Guarantee Company
  • Supply Chain Management In The Trading Industry
Bank Credit System

Enterprise investment account opening and enterprise loan are the basic business of the bank. It is necessary to verify and identify the qualification and business ability of the enterprise before investment/loan.Our OCR technology can integrate into the bank counter credit system, mobile APP, and submit business licenses, etc. to meet identification, automatic extraction and output of various types of business license, company name, address and other key information so as to control risks effectively. Banks can improve the level of business automation, strengthen risk control, and optimize user experience.

Guarantee Company

The company submits a guarantee application to the guarantee company, and the guarantee company reviews it. After passing the review, the company will approve the application for the guarantee project. During this process, the company will provide the guarantee company with a business license.Our OCR technology can be integrated into mobile terminal or service of guarantee company can realize the identification of multiple business licenses, extract key information, and form structured data, which is convenient for retrieval and archiving later, helps guarantee companies to collect quickly, and saves a lot of data collection and sorting time.

Supply Chain Management In The Trading Industry

When a supplier enters the trading company supply chain, the company need review its business qualifications, and the supplier should provide business licenses and other qualifications, after that the trading company reviews its qualifications.If Our OCR technology integrate into the trading company supply chain management system which will quickly identifies business license of suppliers and extract and output a variety of key information such as the unified social credit code, company name, address, etc., to help trading companies avoid risks and improve review efficiency.


Wintone's BLI improves enterprise qualification review efficiency

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Business License Distinguish

The recommended: size of the image is about 200KB, and the bit depth is more than 24Recommended resolution of scanned image: 300dpi, less than 3m.

Business License
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