Product Invoice Recognition OCR Financial Statement

Function Introduction

Recognition Multiple Financial Statements

Support high accuracy recognition cash flow forms, revenue forms, balance sheet, income statement various types of financial statements

Automatically Extract Information

Automatically extract balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement information from hundreds of audit reports

Support Data Proofreading

Provide report proofreading tools, quickly check data, and export EXCEL tables of various accounting standard templates

Standard Template Mapping

Support amount subtotal verification, total verification, accounting identity calculation verification, and realize the red display of objection data

Built-in Financial Collusion Formula

Automatically verify the amount field of the financial statement, and the objection field is marked with red reminder

Support Multiple Forms Recognition

Support the identification of upper and lower continuation tables and left and right continuation tables and output them in the same identification result

Output Structural Data

Return JSON, XML recognition results

Provide Standard API

Provide standard HTTP or WebService API, for third-party to develop system integration

Product Superiority

Customizable Output Template
Templates can be customized according to different demands
Automatically Extract Information
Automatically extract balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement information from hundreds of audit reports
Subject Matching
Supports automatic matching of multiple report accounts
Automatically Filter Red Chapter Interference
Support red stamp detection, noise removal; support complex reports such as no frame line, incomplete frame line, etc.
Forms Border Repair
Automatically repair without frame lines forms, inferior frame lines forms
Financial Report Samples Automatic Classification
Classification accuracy>99.8%; subject and single field recognition rate>95%

Application Scenarios

  • Bank Credit Approval
  • Corporate Credit Review
  • Image System
Bank Credit Approval

In the process of bank credit business approval, companies need to submit financial reports, invoices, contracts, business licenses, collateral and other materials to the bank. Staff review of the materials manually is inefficient and easy to make mistakes, which slows down the speed of credit approval severely. Our OCR Financial Report Recognition products can realize full field recognition and intelligent input of financial reports, thereby avoiding manual repetitive input of financial report information. The procedure is exporting data after recognition, and return to the business system to review the customer’s financial statement data and standardize the business approval process so as to improve the efficiency of business approval.

Corporate Credit Review

Credit review and evaluation agencies help companies review the financial status of other companies. They need to verify their financial statements. With hundreds of data, manual verification is time-consuming and laborious. Our OCR financial report recognition system include with articulation which can support automatic account matching, red prompts for objectionable data, supports one-table multi-page merging, one-page multi-table splitting, automatic filtering of red chapter interference, supports no borders and frames identification of complex format statements such as line insufficiency which can improve the efficiency and accuracy of financial report verification by credit review and evaluation agencies.

Image System

The imaging system integrator integrates our OCR recognition products into the system to empower the imaging system integrator to identify the OCR intelligently,establish an ecological cooperative relationship, and benefit mutually.


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