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LPR camera enables unattended weighbridge management and scientific weighing overload management

2022-10-09 13:50:23

1. "zero tolerance"


Recently, in order to crack down on the illegal behaviors of over limit and overload, the traffic police of a local public security bureau rectified the illegal behaviors of over limit and overload transportation of trucks and illegal evasion of detection. In order to avoid capture, the illegal driver slowed down and adopted the method of "pushing the train". Two four axle trucks passed through the monitoring point of over limit and overload in the way of "head to tail" in an attempt to mislead the detection system that this is a "six axle truck", The management of weighing and weighing is the key to control the overweight of trucks. When some freight drivers pass through the detection area, they avoid detection by covering the license plate and arranging multiple vehicles side by side. At the same time, due to too many weighed vehicles, the platoon drivers often fight with each other.


2. Create unattended, intelligent weighing


In the face of scientific and technological forces, these practices are like "covering the ears and stealing the bell". Wintone Science & technology license plate recognition cameras help the weighing industry to create unattended operations, realize intelligent weighing operations, improve work efficiency, service quality, management and control capabilities, and effectively curb trucks overtaking Limit overloading, evading detection and other illegal activities.


3. The weighing efficiency is greatly improved


The Wintone license plate recognition camera is integrated into the weighbridge weighing to subvert the traditional weighing process. Each shift only needs to arrange one weigh-er for supervision or unattended, reducing the labor cost by more than 50%. Different from the traditional license plate recognition products, Wintone license plate recognition camera applies the embedded license plate recognition modular structure and network, TCP / IP protocol data transmission mode, and the functional structure is modular.


The license plate recognition and weighing system is simple to build and easy to transform. It can automatically detect vehicles and obtain vehicle information without manual control computer, and send the data to the system host through the network. It can intelligently manage vehicle entry and exit and cargo transportation, and quickly, accurately and safely complete the whole weighing process such as license plate recognition, weighing and positioning, weighing data collection, front and rear conditions of vehicles without human intervention, Record vehicle images, detection data, etc., shorten the original 60-400 s manual weighing and measuring time to 5-20 s, improve work efficiency and service quality, and avoid vehicle congestion and potential risks caused by overloading.


4. Share data and prevent human cheating


The Wintone license plate recognition camera integrates with the weighing and billing system to form a financial and statistical interface, and is fully integrated with the enterprise financial ERP and management ERP, which can realize the classification of weighing data query statistics, calculation and storage, pre-sales, after-sales, financial management and other work, one step In place, to avoid the appearance of human scale and vehicle fraud.


The license plate recognition camera intelligently collects the weighing process data, accurately records and uploads the vehicle image, detects the vehicle data information, and the vehicle information can also be automatically uploaded to the management center for network operation. Combined with the weighing system, it can accurately associate the name of the goods, the supply unit, the verification and receipt Units and other information, the weighing room personnel do not need to manually input, query and detect vehicle data information, which greatly saves labor costs, strengthens the transparency of the process, and effectively avoids human cheating and prevents trucks from stealing goods and other illegal acts.


5. Stable and reliable, ensuring high-performance operation


The Wintone license plate recognition camera is designed to be waterproof and dustproof, avoid water and fog in outdoor applications, and support license plate recognition in abnormal license plate, rain and snow bad weather environment. Built-in efficient and accurate license plate recognition core algorithm, 24-hour light intelligent processing, contamination, deformation and yin and yang license plates can also be accurately recognized, which ensures the high-performance operation of the weighing license plate recognition system and effectively reduces errors caused by human operation.


6. Unattended, safe and secure

Relying on the Yiyunshikong camera remote management platform, users can remotely perform video monitoring of the weighing site, remote voice broadcast management, and realize unattended operation. Traditional manual weighing requires on-site measurement, and there are safety risks due to intensive personnel contact. After applying Yiyunshikong, the camera can capture and record the weighing situation at any time. The management personnel can remotely view the whole process of the weighing of the vehicle through the PC terminal or the applet, and remotely control and deal with the problems that occur on the weighing site. It also effectively avoids close contact with the driver. Automatic weighing process screen Simultaneous saving prevents artificial collusion and cheating, and the weighing process is clearer and more transparent.