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Mobile number recognition improves logistics efficiency

2022-10-09 14:20:55

After the outbreak, in order to further prevent and control the pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus infection, every social citizen should undertake certain social tasks. Everyone should reduce going out and reduce gatherings to effectively prevent the spread of the epidemic. The epidemic blocked offline activities, but made online activities extremely active. People are accustomed to online office and cloud meetings, and they are more accustomed to buying "firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea" with mobile APPs every day.


At this stage, all walks of life have gradually entered a wave of resumption of work. The express logistics industry is like the capillaries of a city. During the epidemic, its recovery process is related to people's lives and production. The courier is getting busier and busier, there are many online orders, the courier is not allowed to enter the community, and the courier has one more disinfection link, which has greatly reduced the courier delivery rate.


There are two important pieces of information in express delivery, one is the address, and the other is the contact information, to improve the efficiency of express delivery, and mobile phone number recognition to help.


Mobile phone number recognition is a professional mobile phone number recognition software launched by Wintone based on years of OCR text recognition experience for mobile Internet data collection services. The APP program applied to the logistics industry can achieve the function of proofreading and modifying data by integrating our sdk interface. As long as it is a printed number and has the characteristics of a mobile phone number, it can be automatically scanned and identified. When the express is dispatched, the original method is that the courier looks at the mobile phone number on the express order number, manually dials the recipient, and notifies the pickup. The mobile phone number is used to identify the ocr, and the courier brother can scan it directly to automatically identify it, eliminating the need for manual input. During the epidemic, contactless operation was achieved, and quick calls were made when there were a lot of express delivery; when collecting parcels at the express collection point, the salesperson could also scan the mobile phone number and send a group text message, which is convenient and fast.


Wintone mobile phone number recognition advantages:

1. Mobile phone number recognition supports color filtering, which can filter out the interference of some colored pens;


2. Support automatic rotation recognition;


3. The recognition speed of mobile phone number recognition is less than 1S;


4. Mobile phone number recognition can automatically identify whether it is a mobile phone number;


During the epidemic, when receiving and sending express mail, try to avoid going to business outlets with many people; after receiving the call from the courier and agreeing on the pickup method, collect the express mail as soon as possible; the picker should also wear it when receiving express mail at home Masks; when the pick-up person picks up the express at the gate of the community, in addition to wearing masks and gloves, try to avoid gatherings of people; if possible, ask the courier to store the express in the express cabinet; wash hands immediately after processing the express; mail express The outer packaging should not be brought into the living room as much as possible, and should be disposed of according to household waste classification.