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Passport reader helps hotel smart transformation

2022-10-09 14:37:41

Passport reader is applied to hotel self-service check-in all-in-one machine

In the transformation of traditional hotels into intelligent hotels, self-help handling procedures is an inevitable choice. Wintone passport reader supports a wide range of documents, and can recognize more than 80 kinds of documents, including identity cards, passports, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan passes, etc. The Wintone passport reader is equipped with a high-definition camera of up to 5 million pixels. For different documents recognized, the passport reader can provide the hotel with high-quality document image information. At the same time, the formation of high-definition images also helps to improve the accuracy of information recognition

The Wintone Science & technology passport reader is integrated into the hotel self-check-in machine, which can realize self-check-in by swiping documents. The original intention of the self-service check-in system is to provide users with a simple operation and service-oriented experience. The passport reader is based on AI text recognition technology and image processing technology, providing users with automatic induction and triggering services to read documents without hotel service personnel. Reception, so that users will use it when they come.  

"Zero-contact" check-in, both efficiency and satisfaction are improved

The Wintone passport reader is integrated into the self-service check-in machine. When customers check in and check out, they only need to swipe the document used to book the hotel from the Internet, and the system will immediately read the document information and compare it with the information collected by the self-service check-in machine. The on-site portrait information is compared. After the comparison is passed, the customer can select a room online and go through the procedures such as housing and check-out. The whole process only takes a few seconds, not only does not require personnel contact, but also the processing efficiency is as fast as manual lightning

In response to the cumbersome entry of document information, Wintone Science & technology passport reader provides accurate document information for hotel staff to enter through intelligent identification technology. The full-width information of the certificate recognized by the Wintone Science & technology passport reader can be transmitted to the hotel system through an integrated application, which is convenient for hotel staff to edit, search, export and manage the digital information.

ID Face Reader Improves Manual Check-In Efficiency

Wintone ID Face Scanner provides hotels with a face check-in solution. It can accurately identify dozens of documents such as ID cards, passports, and passports for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The identification results include the avatar information of the document and the information of each field of the document. The whole process from identification to extraction of the document information only takes a few seconds. Through the integrated application, the identification results can be imported. The hotel management system is convenient for the hotel to properly keep the registration information for reference by the relevant work departments at any time.

Witness comparison · Real-name check-in

It integrates face positioning, capture, tracking and collection functions. Wintone ID Face Reader can quickly capture faces. In addition, the face recognition camera has up to 2 million pixels, and supports 90-degree flexible rotation. The viewing angle is wider and can Compatible with people of different heights.

After the integrated application of Wintone ID Face Scanner, the identity recognition core and the face comparison and recognition core are integrated. During the process of identity comparison, Wintone EFR Facial and ID Reader Solution can compare the face information collected on the spot with the avatar information of the identity person. Yes, the comparison result is directly output, which effectively solves the problems of inconsistency of witnesses and fraudulent use of certificates.

Wintone passport readers not only improve efficiency, but also customer experience satisfaction and the hotel's core competitiveness. In the special period of epidemic prevention and control, the use of self-check-in equipment for "zero-contact" procedures will become a trend. At this time, passport The reader also provides security and the strength to tide over the difficulties for the hotel hand in hand.