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Wintone empowers enterprises to upgrade financial intelligence digitally with IDR

2022-10-09 16:53:22

The core of bill recognition helps the construction of financial sharing

The "14th Five-Year Plan" points out that my country's economy has shifted from a stage of high-speed growth to a stage of high-quality development. The use of artificial intelligence to promote the transformation of traditional finance to digitalization, automation and intelligence, and optimize the financial workflow is an inevitable direction for the transformation of financial accounting. Today, the financial sharing center, as a new financial management method, integrates the accounting functions shared by all internal units of the enterprise and breaks the geographical and spatial constraints of traditional financial work. It has become an important starting point for the digital transformation of enterprises.

Core of bill identification - effective supervision and management

With its strong technical strength and product strength, Wintone Science & technology provides invoice identification core for financial sharing projects of many enterprises, and maintains deep cooperation relations. It helps major enterprises to classify, manage and supervise according to departments and categories, and ensures the timeliness and effectiveness of comprehensive financial management.

Core of bill identification - avoiding financial and tax risks

Wintone Science & Technology bill recognition supports the recognition of all kinds of invoices such as VAT special invoice, general invoice, electronic invoice, quota invoice, printed ticket, roll ticket and general machine printed invoice. The recognition accuracy rate is higher than 99%. Connected with the inspection system of the State Administration of Taxation, it can automatically verify invoices, effectively avoid false invoices, false tickets and wrong tickets, and effectively avoid financial and tax risks. Based on the highly robust deep learning algorithm, It can identify complex situations such as curl, thin bill, line pressing and printing, and density, covering various financial work scenarios such as enterprise reimbursement management, Bill archiving, and account establishment, and intelligently standardize invoice management.

Character recognition helps file management

Project background

Under the strategic background of the National Archives Administration's implementation of "digitization of stock and electronic increment", the file OCR work has been fully started. In order to standardize the development of relevant work, enterprises have introduced the Wintone Science & technology document identification core, which is applied to enterprise personnel files, contract management, audit and other work.

Text Recognition—Intelligently Review Text

Connect the Wintone Science & technology OCR text recognition core with the enterprise internal management system and file digitization system. The ultra-high recognition rate provides efficient technical support for data security and risk prevention, automatically recognizes text information in files and contracts, and can recognize words in the original text. The position and size of the contract can be replaced by computers to replace manual auditing and comparison, and solve the problems of high time cost, high labor cost and low efficiency in manual auditing in contract management work.

The identification results of paper files can be exported to double-layer PDF, TXT, WORD, XML, XLS and other editable file formats for storage, which is convenient for enterprises to edit and find file information, realize digital management of files, and improve efficiency and intelligence.

Character Recognition - File Electronic Management

Wintone Science & technology text recognition core, the recognition text includes simplified and traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, Arabic and other languages, the recognizable character set is more than 16000, supports the recognition of rare characters and handwritten characters, and is used in enterprise file management, contract auditing It has played a vital role in many application scenarios.

Wintone Science & technology continues to help industries iteratively upgrade

Wintone Science & technology helps enterprises and many enterprises to improve the level of intelligent internal management, and will continue to devote themselves to technical research and application development in the field of artificial intelligence, focusing on user needs, solving pain points and problems for users, and realizing iterative upgrade of scene experience.