Product OCR Text Recognition Handwriting Fonts Recognition

Function Introduction

Multiple Recognition Languages

Support recognition of handwriting such as pure English, simplified and traditional Chinese

Wide Recognition Character Set

General handwritten character recognition supports recognition of 7000 + characters, supports first-class and second-class characters of numbers, English and Chinese characters, and has high comprehensive recognition accuracy

High Robustness

Intelligent filtering of correction traces, avoiding the interference of complex situations such as tilt, deformation, illumination changes, line pressure, grids, stamps, low resolution, etc.

Handwritten Rare Words Recognition

Support complex recognition of handwritten rare words, alteration filtering, cursive writing, etc.

Product Superiority

High Single-Character Recognition Rate
TH-OCR text recognition SDK supports set-character proofreading and comprehensive proofreading functions, with high single-character recognition rate
Wide Range of Applications
State Intellectual Property Office, Geological Survey Bureau, etc., all use Wintone handwritten text recognition to realize digital file management, contract management, paper electronic, etc.
Layout Analysis
Supports layout analysis, can automatically distinguish between horizontal and vertical text
Guarantee Data Security
Enterprise intranet deployment to meet the needs of user data security

Application Scenarios

  • CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection
  • Intelligent teaching management
  • Intelligent collection of information by public opinion monitoring system of government departments
CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

Make contributions to the collection of information on anti-corruption and promoting integrity through the recognition of handwritten report letters.

Intelligent teaching management

Using Wintone Science & technology handwritten text recognition technology, realize automatic recognition of students' daily homework, classroom notes, test papers and other handwritten content, which is convenient for students to quickly edit book abstracts and notes content, and teachers can intelligently mark students' test papers and homework online. , optimize the teaching management workflow and improve the efficiency of reviewing.

Intelligent collection of information by public opinion monitoring system of government departments

The news monitoring system quickly collects the information released by the public opinion platform, including printed and handwritten content, and searches and stops reactionary speech in a timely manner.


Use a passport reader to optimize the check-in process during travel
Passport reader to improve the efficiency of real name system
Passport readers are used in major airports