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Document recognition aids telecom industry's file management system

2022-10-09 10:50:05


I. Introduction

(1) The "mobile phone real-name system" is gradually approaching

(2) "One card with multiple cards" malicious arrears

(3) "Account opening with false certificates" commercial deception

(4) The verification credentials are paper files

2. System (scheme) composition

1. Components of the system (scheme)

(1) Document image acquisition and document information reading equipment

(2)  work order file image acquisition equipment

(3) Credential image acquisition and credential information reading client, and complete the information exchange with the Boss system

(4) The work order file image is obtained from the client, and the indexing and uploading of the work order file to the server is completed.

(5) The comprehensive management system of business files not only provides real-time electronic inquiry of work orders and certificates, but also accurately locates the physical location of files. At the same time, it realizes real-time monitoring of various businesses being opened, and timely alarms for doubtful businesses.

2. The network structure of the system (scheme)


3. What changes does the system (solution) bring to operators?

(1) The "real-name system for mobile phones" is gradually approaching, which means that the workload of the front desk salesperson increases, and through the special equipment and software provided by this system (plan), all the information of the certificate can be easily obtained;

(2) The malicious arrears tendency of "one card with multiple cards" can be completely avoided after using this system (solution), because the huge database running in the background of the system supervises the new business of any front desk in real time, so that timely prompts can be made The salesperson focuses on judging the safety of the business;

(3) After using this system (scheme), there is no living space for "opening an account with false certificates". In the business process of opening a new account, after obtaining the certificate information of the sponsor, the system will verify the authenticity of the certificate through the Citizen ID Card Service Center of the Ministry of Public Security, thus eliminating the phenomenon of "opening an account with a fake certificate";

(4) In the event of business disputes and data statistics, the system provides complete electronic data for query and analysis, and can accurately locate the physical paper medium when legal basis is required.