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OCR-TECH improves claims efficiency in the auto insurance industry

2022-10-09 10:38:43

    OCR identification helps the auto insurance industry to efficiently improve claims efficiency


    Application Background


    With the improvement of people's living standards, private cars have become an inevitable choice for more and more families, and the demand for vehicle insurance has grown rapidly. However, in the traditional auto insurance survey process, the investigation, input and verification time is long, resulting in a decline in customer satisfaction, and there may be staff errors resulting in information input errors.


    Once I saw a news that a gentleman bought a compulsory traffic insurance and an enhanced insurance for the car he just bought. When the gentleman went to the insurance company to buy car insurance, he found out that the car he purchased was caused by the carelessness of the auto insurance company. The engine number and frame number of the insurance do not match the driving license, which makes him unable to enjoy the discounts he should enjoy, and the vehicle insurance purchased cannot enjoy the relevant rights of insurance. Due to the wrong information entry, it can be said that the insurance purchased by him cannot be used by the car. This phenomenon has caused property damage to the auto insurance company, and also caused a loss of reputation, which eventually led to a large loss of customers.


    Scheme introduction


    Based on years of OCR R&D experience and the development of the insurance industry, Bejing Wintone Science & technology Co. Ltd. has gradually launched the second-generation ID card, driver's license, driving license, passport, license plate, frame number (vin code), bank card The OCR automatic identification and entry system for cards such as card numbers. At the same time, in order to meet the information entry requirements of different business systems in the auto insurance industry, the OCR identification technology supports the application of multi-platforms such as server-side (Linux, Windows), Android and iOS. It greatly shortens the time for insurance and claims settlement, improves customer satisfaction, and brings an increase in insurance sales, which shows up in the fierce competition!


    Mobile OCR technology

    Document identification:

    Automatically collect document information (such as name, frame number, license plate and other fields) by taking document images.

Supports many types of documents: identification of 18 commonly used domestic documents such as second-generation ID cards, driver's licenses, driving licenses, passports, Hong Kong and Macau passes, household registration books, etc., and can increase the types of documents according to customer needs.

    Support the recognition of two modes of video stream and photo

    Supports Android and iOS platforms. (plus ID image)

    Bank card identification:

    By taking bank card images, automatically collect bank card information (such as card number, attribution bank, etc.)

    Support the identification of domestic general bank cards such as embossed cards, platform cards, vertical cards, etc.

    Support the recognition of two modes of video stream and photo

    Supports Android and iOS platforms. (plus bank card image)

    OCR cloud recognition technology

    The server-side OCR recognition technology is based on the industry-leading OCR recognition technology of Tsinghua University, with accurate recognition rate and excellent recognition speed. OCR recognition technology supports the acquisition of images through scanners, mobile phones, high-speed cameras, cameras and other acquisition devices. The automatic identification supports the identification of a variety of cards:

    It supports the identification of more than 20 kinds of commonly used domestic documents and images, such as second-generation ID cards, bank cards, license plates, driving licenses, driving licenses, business cards, passports, and Hong Kong and Macao passes.

Solution advantage

    Reduce the number of manual entries, reduce cost input, and save a lot of manpower, material and financial resources

    Improve the speed of entry, improve the timeliness of business processing, and improve customer satisfaction

    Reduce error rate, improve input quality, reduce problems in later operation, and improve service quality

    It can be further expanded, provide various automated references, optimize business processing processes, and provide multi-faceted support for enterprise operation.

    Application field

    Mobile underwriting

    Online sales system

    Mobile survey