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OCR identification successfully applied in customer registration management

2022-10-09 10:54:09

As we all know, "the user is God" has become an unchanging truth in the service guidelines of all walks of life in society. However, with the increasingly fierce social competition, it is obvious that only the sweet smiles of employees can no longer satisfy the "Gods". Compared with smiles, "Gods" seem to value efficiency and results more. It can be seen that the quality of personnel alone is far from enough to truly achieve user satisfaction. Enterprises must also establish a set of efficient and humanized service processes. Form filling and registration management system”, which just meets the current urgent needs of users to pursue efficiency, and makes users realize the true value of being a “God”.

Embarrassment of "God"

Anyone who has bought a mobile phone card knows that whether it is Global Pass, Shenzhouxing, or Unicom's Ruyitong, users need to fill in a complex personal information when handling new business, and they also need to prepare a copy of their ID card in advance. . When the salesperson receives these business documents from the user, he must also check the certificate. At the same time, the salesperson also needs to input the user's name, certificate number, address and other information into the billing system verbatim through the computer, which not only prolongs the acceptance of the business. time, and there may also be a loss of order errors.

The Difficulties of "Unicom"

As the third largest mobile operator in the world, China Unicom naturally also sees the drawbacks of this business process. In recent years, China's mobile phone business has experienced explosive growth. As for China Unicom, in 2003 alone, China Unicom's new users reached 24 million, which means that China Unicom has to process and save 24 million original customer files every year.

At the same time, in line with the principle of being responsible to users, operators including China Unicom have implemented a real-name system when dealing with mobile communication services, which requires users to fill in detailed ID information, although China Unicom also wants to further improve its own Work efficiency, but has been suffering from not finding a better way.

Simplified "No-Filling System"

After a long period of consideration, China Unicom believes that the key to making users feel efficient is the simplification of its own business processes. Judging from the actual situation faced by China Unicom, the key to simplifying the process is the 24 million user data forms per year. It is conceivable that if these large amounts of paper form data can be converted into electronic documents, storage and search will become extremely convenient, so China Unicom turned its attention to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, and quickly competed with the industry's excellent OCR field. The manufacturer Beijing Wintone has reached a cooperation agreement to jointly develop a "customer-free form registration management system".

Using Wintone's powerful OCR technology, the "customer-free form registration management system" realizes the user's front desk-free form registration and the electronic filing of customer information (identity card and user access and change signature confirmation form).

The specific work flow is shown in the following figure:

The system is equipped with a set of Wintone's e-pass ID card scanner at each customer service window at the business front desk. When a user handles a new business, he only needs to hand the ID card to the customer service staff for scanning, and the system will automatically extract the customer ID card. name, number, address, and automatically create an electronic file for it.

At this time, the information in the user's ID card has been automatically transferred into the system, and the customer service staff only need to verify it a little, then enter the mobile phone number, print the confirmation document directly, and then give it to the customer for signature.

With Wintone's OCR technology and high-speed scanner, the system can also realize the centralized scanning of user signed documents, identify the keywords in the documents, establish an index and automatically store them in the server, which facilitates future file query, change registration and other work.

In order to facilitate the daily operation of China Unicom, Wintone has also added some practical functional modules to the system. For example, the system has added the analysis and statistics function, that is, the number of new customers entering the network in a certain period of time, or the number of customers in a certain package, etc., which is shown by a curve. In this way, China Unicom can visually view the business situation and development trend at any stage. In addition, the system also provides security measures such as data backup and data recovery, which greatly improves the security of users' original files.

After one month's test, this set of simplified "customer free form registration management system" has been successfully implemented in Liaoning Panjin Unicom and has been praised by the "gods". According to the staff of Panjin Unicom, it used to take nearly two hours for users to complete the business. Now it only takes a few minutes to complete the business through this system, which greatly reduces the waiting time of users, reduces the number of complaints from users, and greatly improves the satisfaction. However, it has become a new thing to buy Unicom mobile phone card without filling in the form, which is talked about by the local people in Panjin.